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Published: 2021-07-16 23:15:06
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The research study could not be completed without their guidance, assistance inspiration and co-operation. This project report is the fruit of intense hard work and dedication during the project work. I wish to thank our project supervisor Mr.. Fanfare Imam for his esteemed guidance during the course of project work. I am grateful to him for giving me an insight Into the realm of Academic Research and Communication Skills and build up a strong foundation. In spite of his busy schedule, he was always available whenever I required help.
I appreciate all the technical help received from various sources. ABSTRACT The first and most objective of my study is the comparative analysis of consumer eying behavior from the local traditional markets and organized retail shops in India specifically Iambi. The study of consumer behavior is the most important factor for marketing of any goods and services. It suggests how an individual, groups and organization select ,buy, use and dispose the goods, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants.
The term 'retail' means to put on the market, and Is a very Important aspect of every city. Without a well organized retail industry we would not have our necessities and brings us a blissful experience of shopping. Though organized retailing industry began much earlier in the developed nations, India had not actively participated. However with its vast expanse and young population, India in the 21st century emerges as a highly potential retail market. Now-a-days the phrase 'Shopping Mall' is synonymous to 'comfort' which is what each consumer today desires.

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