Age Discrimination

Published: 2021-08-04 12:20:07
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Category: Discrimination, Disability, Ageism

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"An aged man is but a paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick." This is seeded in many people's mind.What's wrong with the aged people?What problems do old people face in the society?
Age discimination means treating aged people in a unfair way.Commonly, the hardship of aged people are unemployment and unavaliable insurance.Companies will hire young people, rather than old people.Insurance companies give low offer for elderly, and even refuse the application of the ageds.
Why are aged people treated unfair? Obviosly, people think that old people are weak, lack of energy, unefficient.They are not beneficial to hiring them for work or providing insurance to them.The main problems of them are missing the trend and having a weak body.

We must solve the problem of age discrimination.Age discrimination will soon be a great problem and will cause many other problems,as Hong Kong has a growing population of aged people. For examples, if all the old people have no job, they will be thought to be a burden of the society, as they do not help with the GDP.Actually, aged people have their own competitive edges and specific characters in the society.
I do not think implement of laws can help reducing age discrimination.The reason is that it is difficult to judge whether someone violate those laws.In addition, hardly can we find evidence of age discrimination.
In order to slove the problem of unemployment due to age discrimination, we need to provide retraining for the elderly.As I mentioned, old people are unefficient because they cannot follow up the trend.They may not know how to use newest tools.So, retraining them to learn using new technology is a must.Also, elderly always act as a teacher of the young people.Training the old people to teach skills or knowledge to the youngers is also a good practice. They are experienced in getting along with people.It is good to train them to do some social work.
After the retrainig of the aged people, we need to provide more opportunities to them. Since most of them are skilled, there can be more specific jobs that are avaliable to the aged people.
Some say the keep working of aged people will lower the chance the youngsters can find a job.In fact, if the youngster need to compete with the trained aged people, they will work hard to improve themselves too.As a result, the overall quality of manpower will increase.Besides, there will be many jobs which is specific to old people. Not all the old people are in the same market with the youngsters.
There are many benefits if old people have jobs.The GDP of the society will increase.Therefore the burden of working-aged people will decrease.This solve the problem which the government has been worrying about.Also, old people will feel meaningful as they can contribute their stength to the society.
Summing up, an aged person is not "a tattered coat upon a stick". They can do a lot, if the society gives chances to them. I think it is crucial for us to give respect to old people. Don't forget that we will become an old person too.They are our treasure and they are the root of us.

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