An Analogy of a Plan Cell to a Country

Published: 2021-07-30 05:50:07
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An Analogy of a plan cell to a country nucleus/governement/primie minister/parliament house- they are the control centre of the city or cell. They both control what goes on in the city or cell. the nucleus contains all the DNA or important information, of the whole cell. it is the control centre and it gives out orders that the cells have to carry out. the president in a country know it's important information, he gives out laws that have to be carried out by the people and leads the country mitochondria-power plant- this is the 'powerhouse' of the cell or city.
The mitochondria and the power plant both provide the energy for the city or cell to use. mitochondria breaks down food molecules and convert them to energy for cells. power plant generate and supply energy for the country. Cell Membrane/national security, military, Border Security- the Cell membrane or police/ Border Security controls entry of what goes in and out of the cell or city Vacuole/ Stores/warehouses+ water treatment plant + Garbage dump- a vacuole can contain many different types of fluids in it and it also has many different functions.
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The vacuole can be a storage room which contain fluids and material solutions like plant pigments. It has can also be a garbage dump which contains its wastes. Furthermore the vacuole can be a water tower which stores water in it. vacuoles store materials for the cell. stores around the country. it stores necessay materials such as food and clothes for people Ribosomes/ Food producing factory (protein factory)- the ribosomes and food producing factory are both where the production of proteins occur. ribosomes produce protein from information from the dna given by the nucleus. restuarnts cook and give out food that contain protein
Endoplasmic Reticulum/ highways, roads and vehicles traveling them- the transport of substances within cells or cities occur through these. it assembles materials and export them from the cell. companies that trade and export materials from the country also may package and prepare them to be sent of . Golgi Apparatus/ Food Packaging Company- the Golgi Apparatus and Food Packaging Company both package materials for export. Chloroplasts/ Solar power panels- the chloroplast and the solar power panels both can capture the radiant energy of sunlight and transform it into useable energy.

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