Andrew Carnegie A Captain Of Industry

Published: 2021-07-27 17:50:07
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Many industrialists in the gilded age were on the border line between a robber baron or a captain of industry. Of these industrialists was an extremely success useful business man Andrew Carnegie. Andrew could be argued on both sides of the matter. Carnegie shaped his steel production business to #1 in the world, he sold it a ND used the money towards many charity organizations.
I believe that Andrew Carnegie e was a captain of industry because he dedicated his life to helping society with public activities and donated more than 100 million dollars to schools, libraries, an d through several other donations. He not only shaped industrialization but the United s tastes. People believe that Andrew Carnegie was a robber baron because he was untrustworthy, selfish, and left workers in lethal work habitats with low wages .
Andrew put his employees in harmful work environments with less than safe equipment NT. Injuries occurred often in Carnegie;s business from exploding iron, flames, and slang. It was hard for the workers to be alert and ready with only a couple hours of sleep and a work SSH fit of twelve. Along with the means unsafe work conditions they had to live off low pay. Carnegie also betrayed one of his closest business friends Henry Fricke by three tatting him to sell his stock in the steel business for cheap.

Many believe that Andrew Carnegie betrayed not only his workers but his friends. Although many will strongly critic Andrew Carnegie as a Robber Baron see h as one of the greatest captains Of industry. Carnegie used his "last days" serve Eng others by building libraries, schools, and giving donations. "Carnegie donated approve imitate 5$ million to the new York public library so it could open several branches". And even opened up his own university so he could share his knowledge and success the rough future business owners.
Carnegie put his men through hell and back so they c loud have the #1 steel business in the world that would soon sell for more than 200 mill Andrew Carnegie did what he had to do so that he could be successful in the gilded age and lose himself in the service of others. Carnegie changed his life for the beet err in his later years. He wrote books on being socially responsible for the wealthy and enjoyed meeting with other professionals from different fields. Carnegie may have lo deed like just another snotty,cocky business owner but really wanted to help others.
An drew Carnegie was a captain of industry but also a shaped the industrialization by b Ewing an example of smart work and effective actions. In conclusion, Andrew Carnegie was a brilliant business man who ended with the best steel plant in the world. Although he treated his employees poorly he did it to be successful which worked. Carnegie spent the money from his steel production n to help others be successful too. Andrew Carnegie was captain Of industry and made a difference in peoples lives for the better.

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