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Published: 2021-07-20 09:00:05
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I believe in the beginning the 2 main Jurors who were basing their decisions on prejudice were mainly Jurors #3 and #10. Juror #3 more based on prejudices of young men, particularly because he had such a horrendous relationship with his own son, I feel like this case really hit him close to home and really affected him In a personal way. I believe he let his feelings got In the way of his logical thinking and was practically projecting the anger he had towards his son towards the young men on trial, who had been accused of a horrible crime against his father.
Juror #10 was more prejudice of the young suspects race, making statements like; "You know how they are," and "They're all the same, all born liars". I guess In a way he could have been using reverse discrimination because he wasn't at all prejudice about the Individual or what the witnesses said during their testimonies. But I really don't believe that Juror #8 was using reverse discrimination but was possibly more interested and paid more attention to the small details of the case then the other jurors.
He simply brought up other points that some of the other jurors didn't catch ND just couldn't think of until brought up by Juror #8. I don't think it should have been a hung jury because it's not like all of the Jurors made a decision and stuck to it, people were changing their votes, slowly but surely, therefore I don't think it should have been a hung jury. Some of the persuasive pieces of evidence are first and foremost the knife, the witness saying it was a rare knife that was one of a kind, and juror #8 went out and proved that.

Another piece of evidence was the blueprint of the other man's apartment, which pretty much proved the older gentlemen would eave been able to go out and check everything he said he did. Juror # 1 aka the foreman was a pretty good leader and kept the Jury organized and as focused as possible when things got a bit too out of hand. Juror #2 was more of a shy individual who would voice his opinion whenever he needed too. Juror #3 was a bit out spoken and was a very angry and very easily excitable person. Juror #4 was more of a quiet but confident person, and had a very serious demeanor.
Juror #5 was a man who said he was from the slums but he spoke when he felt attacked or when he felt something regulatory was said about the young man on trial based on where he was raised. Juror #6 was a very respectful man, who stood up for the elderly man when he felt people were trying to intimidate the older gentlemen. Juror #7 seems Like he TLD really care about the case but more worried about the ball game which he had tickets for. Juror #8 was the one who pretty much stood up against the rest of the Jurors based on his thoughts and beliefs. He stood up for the boy when everyone else thought he was guilty.
It took a lot of courage to not only stand up against what everyone else was saying, but also to sway the vote of the Jury In the opposite direction. Juror #9 was the older gentleman, who was fairly quiet except for when he really wanted to get his opinion in. Juror #10 was a more racist individual and really didn't like the young man on trial from the get go, saying he was "one of them" and lust basing his vote on his dislike of "them". I don't really recall too much or juror remember that Juror #12 was a marketing agent and he seemed rather distracted from the case.
I don't really feel like any of them have my style of communication, and oneself I don't even feel like it would be close to any of them. But since I had to pick one I would more than likely say Juror #8 Just because I feel like I am pretty good and looking at the small details and usually pretty good at persuading people. Answering this question is tough, especially since I literally didn't see any part of the case. If I was on the Jury I would have probably voted along with every other of the Jurors because it seems like to me the defense team didn't do a good Job in this case.
But I loud have probably been persuaded along with the rest of them as Juror #8 would have pointed out facts that the defense wasn't able to point out. In a case like this I believe having a more than amazing defense team is way more important than if your truly guilty or not. A great defense attorney wouldn't have let any of the Jurors go into the Jury room thinking that boy had committed any type of crime, and if they thought he committed a crime right from the get go, a good defense team would have put a doubt into their mind, and make them rethink those guilty thoughts.

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