Avalon Destorying

Published: 2021-07-15 13:35:04
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Category: Bullying, Social Psychology

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A sense of belonging Is what all teenagers seek out wealth high school. Destroying Valor by Kate MacAfee takes us through the Journey of the main character Valor, her move to a new school and her struggle to make friends. All the characters within the novel seem to be struggling for a sense of belonging, making it a strong theme of the novel.
Valor, Jukes and Alice are the three main characters who all face with the dilemma of belonging and being accepted. In regards to Valor it is her need to progress forward socially which only ends when she develops a strong sense of belonging in the Z group. However with Jukes the desire to belong never ends, her cyber bullying campaign is only a means for her to gain a sense of belonging with her online followers.
Alice on the other hand has to maintain her position and sense of longing always following the example of the other girls In her group by bulling the students below her socially. It Is through Valor that the need to belong and be accepted Is first presented. Valor within the novel moves from a place where she Is "captain of the hockey team and member of the swimming squad" to a school where she is stuck in the Z group of "Queers and Weirdoes". She is constantly in the beginning of the novel trying to get out of the bottom group so that she no longer has to

Bullying is a problem that seems to have become more vicious with the invention of social networking technology. The novel Destroying Valor by Kate MacAfee explores the theme of cyber bullying and its consequences through the character Marshall. Marshall Is the best friends of the main character in the novel, Valor; It Is she who Is Initially cyber bullied however the focus shifts to Marshal during the novel. Marshall, who Is confused about his sexuality, Is unable to cope with the bullying and In the end

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