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Published: 2021-08-11 15:00:06
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Bangladesh is situated either side of the tropic of cancer. India shares its border with Bangladesh. The three main river flows through Bangladesh are the meghna, the Brahmaputra and the Ganges. The north of Bangladesh is the Himalaya Mountains, the highest mountains in the world. To the south is the Bay of Bengal. The Land & People Landforms: Flood Plains Population: 126 Million Delta Population Density: 800 per square kilometer The Land is Under 15 meters above sea levels 230 of rivers in Bangladesh What are Tropical Cyclones? Tropical storm, typhoon or hurricane is a type of low pressure system which generally forms in the tropics.
While they can be highly destructive, tropical cyclones are an important part of the atmosphere circulation system which moves heat from the equatorial region toward the higher latitude. Keyword: Latitude: The distance of a place north or south from the equator (Places that are near to the equator or much warmer than places that are near the north and south poles. ) How Are Tropical Cyclones Formed 1. Formative - clouds start forming over the ocean between 5 and 15 degrees latitude from the equator. 2. Immature - if the conditions are favorable, clouds collect and move with the winds that start rotating clockwise around a low pressure area.
Winds start to increase in strength. 3. Mature - the cyclone reaches its peak of intensity and destructive power. 4. Decaying - the power of the cyclone decreases when it moves over land or pole ward over colder waters. In this decaying stage the winds often decrease rapidly and the cyclone eye and cloud patterns disappear. Long Term & Short Term Solutions These are solution to prevent flooding in Bangladesh, short term meaning for a flood which comes once or twice but long term is when it remains therefore 10-15 years.

The solution which has been listed below will have a key of stars, the solution with the most stars is expensive whereas with not many stars meaning not so much expensive. The other key is on my opinion whether they are good for presentation of floods in Bangladesh or not or whether they are alright, the key would be 3 different smiley faces. 1. Building Embankments along the River Channel - Plan 1-Embankments This would prevent the water from overflowing of the water while the water discharge is taking place. It would have to 7 meter high. These have o be placed along the river not just in the village.
Advantage - preventing mosquitoes carrying malaria and flood Disadvantage - to expensive and restricting fisherman Plan 2-Aid from fishing. 2. Providing emergency in each village and train Villagers in basic health care - The would include particular drug, dressing, water purification tablets, few villagers will be trained and reducing the risk of Plan3-Shelters diseases spreading and provide help for injured people. Advantage - Not many people gaining disease Disadvantage - not preventing the flood 3. Building flood protection shelters in village - Large building able to hold 1000 people on silts.
Also shelter for animals. The shelters have been swept away in the past. Plan 4-Emergeny Stores Advantage - people life saved Disadvantage - not preventing flooding, belongings not saved, risk f still being flooded 4. Provide emergency stores of farm replacement - This will include new seeds, new seedlings and supplies of fertilizers. Advantage - Farmers back to work quicker Plan 5-Proof Sheds Disadvantage - not preventing flooding, loose out on the other crops Low income in the beginning 5. Build flood proof grain storage sheds - Sheds built on stilts, preserve the building with food and water
Advantage - ensure that villagers had food and clean water Plan 6-Tube Wells Disadvantage - have to fill the shed every time after flood, not preventing the flood 6. Sink new tube wells - Build wells which will protect water supply during flood Advantage - safe drinking water and prevent diseases Plan 7- Warning System Disadvantage - Bangladesh still be flooded. 7. Emergency warning system - Trained operators will be provided, to predict the discharge this will tell whether it will be a flood. Advantage - allowing time for evacuation Disadvantages - parts of Bangladesh still flooded and people still cant do much to save there own lives

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