Betty Joy Parr’s High School Experiences

Published: 2021-08-06 12:55:06
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High school "back in the day Betty Joy Par's High school experiences Jack Schaefer Jack. [email protected] Com Waterloo- After interviewing Betty Joy Parr about her high school experiences I learned many Interesting things. Currently Betty lives in Huston, Texas. Her husband of 53 years Larry Parr was her high school sweet heart. She Just had a birthday and was 74 on May 30th. After attending high school at Roy Miller High School in Corpus Christi, Texas from 1953 to 1958.
After graduating with at class of 475 students she went on to work and noir collage as she helped her husband trough collage as she explained, "There wasn't money for college so I got a job at a Savings and Loan as a Teller. I put my husband thru college In Arlington, Texas. " As she continued about some major things In history that she could remember she said, "In Dallas witch Is near where we were living at the time Kennedy was assassinated. Everyone was in shock at the bank where I worked. " She spoke about some of her favorite high school memories of high school.
I asked ere what her favorite things were to do or be in was she said, "being in the Band and football games. I was a twirler or majorette in the band. " As we talked I asked what her favorite subject was she told me keyboarding. She said, "Our School had Just gotten five new electric typewriters and we each got a chance to use them. " She told to me that she was involved in many things other then just school. She was also involved in yearbook and student counsel as security also expressing that there was other groups that were at school.

She said, "drama team and Y-teens were offered along with the sports of Football, basketball, tennis, track, baseball. " Betty shared that her two best friends are still close with her. She stated, "Marlene Price and Betty Jane Sorrel were my best friends. Marlene lives In corpus Christi, Texas and Betty Jane lives here In Houston. She also said that she soul gets together with 12 other friends from high school. As I went on to ask more about how high school was like I asked what the had to wear she responded, "We would wear neck scarf and sweaters with skirts, lots of ethicists to make them stand out. She also said they has to wear something different at gym time. As I started to learn more about was a normal say was Like I wondered about the teachers she said, "We thought they were old but we had respect for them. We knew they were there to teach us and that we better listen. She said she never got in real trouble knowing that there would be a bad consequence. I also was Curious about how relationships were back then. She said, didn't date until your sophomore year. " She said for there first date that it would be to the ivies and then it would be a double date.
She told me that a typical Friday night was going to the movies or the popular hang out place Mac's Drive Inn or some type As I had learned so much from her I asked about her overall experiences she said, muff don't feel old, you feel the same inside yourself but when you look in the mirror you see you have aged. " I had to laugh a little bit when I hear this. I think that it is interesting and fun to learn about how what I am courtly going trough 60 years latter really has not changes that much.

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