Book Review: Gone Girl

Published: 2021-07-17 10:05:05
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The deception and Lies, that were motivated by the secrets that Amy and Nick were hiding, are what led to the demise of their marriage. The Sir Walter Scott quote "O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" is a perfect way to sum up this story. Amy creates the ultimate act of deception In the novel when she tries to frame Nick for her murder, that she fakes. Amy decides to frame Nick after she learns that he has been having a secret affair. Once Amy is on the run, because she faked her murder, the tables of deception turn n her when she is robbed by two people she befriended while she was hiding out.
Amy flips the tables back on a man she had been deceiving since high school, Despond. Despond is blind to Amoy's deception because he loves her and he loves to help women with issues. Amy uses Despond for his money and a new hideout and he willingly gives it to her. She tells Despond these horrific stories of Nick and paints him out to be this abusive monster that she Is fleeing from. Little does Despond know that Amy has also painted this same facade for him, she tells her parents and Nick that Despond is this creepy ex and that he tried to kill himself over her when they were back in high school.
Amy is then forced to live up to Deacon's ideals of a perfect women when he has her stay with him and he restricts what she's eating and tries to get her to be loving and affectionate with him. While Despond thinks he Is In control, It Is really Amy who has the cards In her hand. She eventually ends up betraying Despond when she murders him and runs back to Nick. She paints yet another picture of Despond as this monster who was holding her hostage and she fled from. Amy is constantly deceiving everyone in the story, she even ends up getting screwed over herself because of all the lies.

Amy gets the true final say, in the story, when she finally traps Nick by Impregnating herself with his old sperm she had saved which forces Nick to stay In this loveless marriage. Had Amy not lied and deceived Nick numerous times she might have been able to save her marriage but she is so used to being deceitful that I don't think she even realizes that just being truthful might have been the easier route to take. "You can put a face behind a mask but be careful because someone else might be retesting. " is a warning that Nick needed.
Nick is a man who is betrayed many times In this story. Initially you almost feel sympathy towards him until you learn of his Infidelity. For Nick he never realized all these deceitful things Amy was doing Amy and then the public causes him to lie to his sister and many more people. Nick and Amy are very self absorbed and because Nick is so self absorbed throughout the entire book he ultimately never sees any of the lies Amy tells him. He also ends up flipping the tables on Amy when he gives these interviews depicting a husband who till loves his wife and Just wants her to return safely.
Amy falls for it because that is all she wanted in the first place, for him to need her and miss her and want her. Amoy's return is what makes Nick believe that he will be freed from this marriage but it ultimately is what causes him to become trapped in the marriage. Nick is so consumed with screwing over Amy as bad as she did to him that he never realizes that Amy is always two steps ahead of him. While he pretends to be this loving husband in the beginning he is really cheating on Amy, and Amy is planning on ramming him for her murder because of the infidelity.
While Amy is deciding on her next move after she's in hiding, Nick pretends to be this loving husband who misses his wife to get her to come back. When Amy comes back and realizes Nicks true intentions, to try and get her to confess to Deacon's murder, she pretends to be completely oblivious to it so she can trap Nick in their marriage. The characters almost play a game of cat and mouse throughout the whole story. They are constantly trying to get over on each other and in the end it may seem like
Amy wins but the truth is there were so many lies and so much deceit that happened that no one really ever got what they wanted. Nick will never love Amy and ironically he grew to hate her more when she came home then before she left. The sad thing is that Amy thinks that Nick will Just learn to accept the fact that he is trapped and learn to love her again once the baby is here but he will only end up resenting her even more because of the fact that he is trapped. While these lies were created to save and protect a marriage, they only ended up destroying it and that is the true irony of the story.

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