Bullying and True Inner Feelings

Published: 2021-07-29 05:00:07
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Bullying: causes and consequenses In today’s world, bullying is nothing out of the ordinary. Everyday we hear about bullying, whether it is in the news, at school, or from our friends and is becoming a worldwide problem that occurring around us everyday and everywhere. People experience some sort of bullying at some point in their lives whether they are the victim or the bully. What has developed as a common thing amongst people of all ages has had serious effects and caused tragedies for many people.
People go about with their daily tasks in life and sometimes don’t realize the the harm they are causing to other people when they make jokes about others whether they have disabilities, culture or physical apperances. This expository essay will focus on the causes and the conseques of bullying and the effect it has in todays society. Although there are multiple ways to define bullying, it is a negative action directed to a specific individual and carried out by one or possibly groups of people.
Bullying is basically anything that makes a person feel hurt of embarrassed whether it is physical or phsycological. No matter if it is physical or mentally, bullying is always wrong. Bullying can be placed in two categorizes: verbal,physical and cyber bullying. Verbal bully is known to be the most common type of bullying. it is when you criticize someone because of their physical appearance. and physical bullying is a common everywhere you go whether it being at home or in genral public.

Physical bullying can be influenced by a lot of things such as such media as television, music and sometimes people that are really close to us such as our parents and friends are all factors that can influence physical bullying which can lead to something even more dangerous. Cyber bullying is when an individual is emarrased or tormented by another individual using the internet. Unnecessary posts, name calling or mean emails are all ways of cyber bullying.
Cyber bullying is very serious in todays society because the individual that is being bullied may find it hard to tell someone about what they are going though. Even though cyber bullying cannot physically hurt an individual,it can leave that person feeling mentally distressed and upset. In many cases, bullying can be triggered by numerous of these individuals to use rage and violence to handle their problems. Individuals raised in these kind of atmosphere might not see these kinds of actions wherther it is hysical or verbal as bullying but will only see such behavior as normal and acceptable because they are use to that kind of behavior. For some individuals that are yound and are kids, poor academic performance can be another cause of bullying. Some of these children struggle in the classroom and feel that they are not being helped by teachers and even fellow classmates which can lead to them loosing hope. When hope is lost these children will act out and this can translate to them being bullies and seeking revenge on other children that are achieving more and doing well.
These children become bullies that hurt, threaten and control other people because they are often angry, jealous and when can lead them to be very aggressive. Another cause for bullying is low self esteemwhen you add up all the possibilities, it should come as no surprise that bullies tend to struggle with self esteem . the outward behaviors they practice truly shows their true inner feelings. They lack self confidence, struggle to fit in and are ofen judeged by others and feel confident and feel powerful by controlling others.
These individuals that are bullies who are often thought of as not as smart have little empathy for these victims and derive satisfaction from injuries and suffereing on others. They often defend their actions by saying that their victim started it by provoking them which led to the bully’s action. They are often anti social,and having a positive about violenve are some other traits often found in these bullies. Children aren’t always bullies but men and women of all ages can also be bullies.

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