Causes of Unemployement

Published: 2021-07-23 10:05:06
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According to a number of economists the rate of unemployment in the united States has not declined now for some time. It is believed that this is due to a lack of education and skills that those who are seeking work have, as the numerous jobs and careers that have been created since our economic shift are specialty Jobs, which require technical training and certifications to be considered as a candidate. So our current situation may seem to be the same problem as before, but It Is not due to lack of Jobs presented In the Job market, Just rather suitable positions for those homo are seeking work.

As much as the rapid development of the modem technology and requirement of the new skills, which disqualify more people than ever before, the gap between the Job vacancies and people who are actively seeking Jobs Is becoming larger and continues to expand. It Is not entirely due to the mismatching of the Job requirement and candidate's lack of educations or skills: It Is primarily due to the companies and firms reducing their demand for resources, especially labor. According to Anthony Calaboose's article, if every one of the public ND private sector job openings were filled by tomorrow, there would still be nearly 1 1. Million people out of work. However, before the recession the gap was much lower, coming in under a million. If it were Just structural unemployment, the gap would not be this large and the companies would eventually fill the positions; however, it takes longer time to match the perfect candidate. Whereas, the unemployment rate keeps increasing and has yet to go down since the recession, it only makes sense that the cyclical unemployment has taken place in the job market.

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