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Published: 2021-07-22 14:05:06
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If 10% of the population of the confederate state would take an oath, they could be readmitted back into the union. Lincoln was radical.
Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction Plans
Wanted to let the southern states rebuild themselves, if they would take an oath of allegiance would be readmitted (not high ranked), restitution of property did not include slaves. Handpick governors and create their own governments. They had to revoke the secession ordinance, abolish slavery, and repay some of the war debts.

However, the Radical Republicans were against this. South was democratic. Black Codes: any kind of codes used to discriminate against blacks. Beginning of segregation, doesn't specify race or whatever grandfather clause. Freedman's Bureau: 50 acres and a mule.
Wade-Davis Bill: radicals view. Republicans being very angry at Johnny's Ideas. Resistance of wage labor: against the blacks. The point when the blacks were trying to get Jobs, paid less or discriminated or didn't have wage. Went around to a lot of dif. Places, subsistence farmers. Thirteenth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment Blacks were citizens
Fifteenth Amendment gave black citizens the right to vote. = treatment under the law. Radical Republicans Reconstruction was about rebuilding society totalitarian society.  Military districts. SC the last state to be released from this. Radical Reconstruction Johnny's Impeachment not really removed from office. Impeached because he Election of 1868: Grant. Grant was a war hero?? Run for office and most likely win. Women's suffrage : homestead act. Women that moved out west were more Independent with the farms, were widows b/c their husbands died. More Independent women In the west.
Carpetbaggers and Scalawags
Carpetbaggers: entrees from the north. SC: southerners who believe in northern stuff. A lot of free open land, start businesses Go down south and get cheap land, some are sympathizers (n) SC: okay with new people moving down, help rebuild economy Black officeholders: They can win because of gerrymandering (taking a district and shaping it oddly) Black majorities, had the eggbeater clause, make up rules and try to dissuade them from running. Rare because the whites were against it.
Sharecropping: south has a lot of land, what happens is the freedman's bureau gives 50 acres of land. Split up land and give It to the people. Blacks turned to land for support: live off of It, subsistence farming, part of land went back to the people that lived there. Nicer way for the masters to get their stuff back. Rise of the UK Klux Klan Nathan Bedford Forest. Starts the ASK. A confederate general who starts it out of (Knights of White Camilla) hate. Anybody that was going to run, they intimidate them. Tried to scare them away, threats, one of the first terrorist groups. Redeemers ex-confederates that wanted to restore the south. Self-government, social standard.

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