Chronic disease

Published: 2021-07-23 12:15:07
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Phoenix Material Chronic Disease Resource Guide Imagine that a family member or friend, with a chronic disease, has asked for your help finding resources available to help him or her with the disease. Use the table below to compile a list and explanation of at least five resources available for your family member or friend. Your Assigned Disease: Your Assigned Location: Cancer Georgia Resource: Explanation: John B.
Amos Cancer Center This center is here to promote health and healing to all cancer patients. The center offers different services such as, clinical research, gynecologist/medical/radiation oncology, and robotic thoracic surgery. Http://www. Calumniation's. Com/ Chlorofluorocarbons. Asps? ND=1802 Cancer Support Community In Atlanta This group is here for support for cancer patients and their families. Besides support, the group offers classes, information, education programs, stress activities, and fun activities. Http://cancersupportcommunityatlanta. Org/home. PH Perimeter Church This is a cancer support group that provides a safe environment which a person with cancer or their loved ones can share prayer requests and concerns about the Illness. It's also a place to talk with other survivors and learn to live life with purpose. Http:// www. Perimeter. Org/pages/add-l-enlistees/support-groups/cancer-support-group/ This group is here to support cancer patients through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.
Through the community resources, they are here to help patients' everyday hysterical and spiritual needs by, helping provide food, prescriptions, and necessities. The volunteers also offer other services, such as hospital visits, errand running, and shuttle service. Http://counterparts. Com/ Atlanta Cancer Care The SAC can deal with one cancer needs. The facility has different caregiver and support information for one with cancer or to help the loved ones cope with it. The facility also has plenty of resources. Http://www. Teleconference. Com/Home. Asps

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