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Published: 2021-08-06 13:40:06
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Those principles operate in injunction with our values (as described by our CEO above) and our policies and procedures. At the heart of each of the principles is the imperative to uphold the reputation of the Weakest Group. We all have a role to play in ensuring that the Group's reputation is strengthened and not harmed by our conduct, whatever work we do and wherever we are located. Remember this simple test to determine if our proposed conduct is appropriate: would we be happy to see that conduct reported on the front page of a newspaper?
The Code has the full support of the Board and the Executive Team and we take compliance with the Code very seriously. If you breach the Code then you may face disciplinary action, including termination of your employment. You also have a responsibility to report immediately any breaches by a colleague to your manager or team leader or your Human Resources or Compliance business unit representative. Do the same even if you are unsure if there has been a breach.
Our Whistler's Protection Policy outlines all reporting channels, as well as the process for raising concerns anonymously. Here is some more detail about each of the principles in the Code. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Honesty and integrity go hand-in-hand. They guide us in making decisions, so that we make the correct choices between right and wrong. There is no room for compromise: if we do not act with honesty and integrity 100% of the time, we are undeserving of the trust of our customers, colleagues, community and shareholders.

Here are some examples of how we act with honesty and integrity: we do not use funds, property or information belonging to he Weakest Group or our customers for our personal benefit and nor do we help others to do so; we immediately report dishonest behavior by our colleagues and customers; we do not offer or give bribes, facilitation payments or other benefits to influence others, nor accept bribes or other benefits; we keep records of our dealings with customers and suppliers that are accurate and transparent.
If we fail to comply with laws and regulations both the Weakest Group and the individual employee may face criminal sanctions or other serious consequences. If o are unsure what laws and regulations apply then contact Legal & Secretariat. We must also comply with the Weakest Group's internal policies and procedures, including this Code.
If you are unsure what policies and procedures apply to your work then talk to your manager or team leader. If there is anything inconsistent between the laws and regulations applying where you work and our policies and procedures, then you need to meet whichever sets the higher standard of behavior. If you believe such an inconsistency exists, you should talk to your Customers can be confident

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