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Published: 2021-07-23 14:25:06
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Commanded Alternating Films that are made In Italy are well-known worldwide, especially the Italian-style comedy, which has won a lot academic awards and earned enormous applause and praises. However, there are something behind the laughter tries to tell the audience within the Italian-style comedy. Comedic Alliteration thrives for its uses of innovative and bold subjects and contents, and a profound and twisted ending; besides, humor in Italy are manipulated as a tool to expose social issues of different fields while reflecting poverty and misery.
Comedic Lithuanian starts from a street performance, and it works its way toward the stage of world. The origin of Italian-style comedy can be traced back to the birth of Comedic delegate in 1 1 century, which becomes influential to the development of comedy In 15 century (Turner). Soon, Comedic delegate spreads to Europe for Its uses of music, dance, humorous dialogue In stage performance and even slapstick and lay foundation for the Comedic Alternating. After World War II, the enactment of the Marshall Plan directly affects the prosperity of Italian-style modem.
According to Turner in her article, "Comedic Lithuanian: Comedy, Italian- Style", the growth of the economy significantly improves people's living conditions and stimulate the development of art, and she exposes that the most prosperous and memorable period of Italian film industry is around the late 1 sass and sass (Turner). The booming and success of Italian film industry introduce the unique perspectives of art of Italy as a name card to the world, and they start to attract the attention and popularity from the worldwide audience. The success of the Comedic Latitudinal Is that films are boldly using the sensitive subjects and contents from the society Instead of acting Like a clown only. There are lots of things a film Is trying to tell the audience through every scene and laughter. Comedic Allotments Is famous for its ending, which is always twisted into a kind of imperfect ending. From a famous comedy film called Eel not did Siberia (The Nights of Siberia) tells a dramatic story of a young prostitute named Siberia who pursues her true love through several stories, but unfortunately, all the endings of those stories are tragic.

A woman, who lives in the bottom of society and has a not respected Job, devotes everything she has into a way of seeking true love as traditionally as a common woman does in reality should deserve what she wants in return. But, the ending is not like what it is wished to be so; instead, the ending Is sad, but it also happens in reality. Comedic Lithuanian is trying to remind people that there will not always have a happy ending even though one has tried his or her best; and there will be something negative potentially happens In reality. A director named Francesca Commencing says, "There Is no happy ending, only lots of loose ends.
Italy has lost, but doesn't know It... That's why a film like this is necessary, so people can become aware" (Evolved). Things always change people in Italy there is no such thing which is destined; to be aware, it is not yet a dream world. Besides telling the truth of reality, the Comedic Lithuanian is used to mock the social issues. "The Italian-style comedy was able to talk about social problems and still be popular," said Peter Bandoleer, "It was a way of having a illegal about what was going on in Italy, of addressing questions that were not being discussed in the government" (Grimes).
An Italian-style comedy called "Divorcee: Italian-style" tells that a Sicilian gentleman wants to murder his wife because he wants to marry his younger and prettier cousin. The reason that he has such an evil purpose is that divorce was against the Italian laws at the time because of the strict religion's requirements in Italy. Therefore, this gentleman chooses to have an honor killing because "honor was so important in society, the legal enmeshment for this special kind of murder was oh-so lenient" (Turner). It is so ironic that a person takes such a method to get divorced.
This film successfully attracts the public attention, not only for it is an Italian-style comedy but also for it makes the government and the public to reconsider the restorability of the legislation of outlaw divorce. The issues which always make no sense and bother and perplex people are subject to be talked about in Comedic Lithuanian and it is easy to be accepted by government. Comedic Lithuanian is considered a special communication between society and government, which people are reflecting what is happening in their lives to government.
Because of the Comedic Lithuanian, a scene of Joking something tragic becomes a part of the Italian culture. Mr.. McNeill, known as the king of Italian comedy, defined Italian humor as something "lack of a happy ending, seemingly antithetical to comedy," and he comments that themes make Italians laugh "stem from poverty, hunger, misery, old age, sickness, and death" (Grimes). It may be considered strange if a person laughs at something sad in some other countries, but the whole Italy is mocking itself with distress. "The goal is to consider the reality around you, from the point of view of the humorist.
I think you need to look deeper to make people laugh at things that aren't ridiculous or funny," said Mr.. McNeill (Torah). Italians look at misery of life from a different view but a humorous view, and thus, it is considered as a complaint to the society and life. Comedic Lithuanian is to only something makes ones laugh but also something makes ones think, such as a famous film named "Life is beautiful", directed by Roberto Benign, which describes how a Jewish man create a wonderful family and protect his son in a Nazi concentration camp with uses of his humor.
Mr.. McNeill admits that "you can make people laugh at the most horrible of things. It's hard, but it's more profound" (Torah). Life is always full of things that are too sensitive to be mentioned, but through humor, they can be talked about directly in public, and even worldwide. Italians know here is something seriously horrible happening in reality, and they are able to criticize those issues by Comedic Lithuanian and Italian-style humor; this unique comprehension of misery of life gradually becomes a part of Italian culture.

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