Conceptual Geometry Syllabus

Published: 2021-07-18 02:10:06
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Geometry Syllabus Class Website: http://new. Schoolmates. Com/Sarah Welcome to Conceptual Geometry! This course will use the textbook Geometry: Cone pits and Applications. Conceptual Geometry builds upon the concepts presented in Algebra 1. New content is introduced as an extension of material previously mastered in the above mentioned course. A primary goal of Conceptual Geometry is the use of mathematical ideas in so
Vying problems ranging from everyday applications to the real world and sciences. Math Department Vision Statement The vision of our department Is to develop each student's understanding of anathema tics through a challenging and rigorous standards based curriculum. Our goal is to enable students to compete in today's global economic market and to achieve their own goals for success by been g able to think critically. Required Hardbound Notebook (70 sheets minimum),
Materials #2 Sharpened Pencils, Eraser, Ruler. (scientific calculator 11TH)_ Classroom Responsibilities: Students must be in their seats and be ready to work before the bell rings. Students must respect each other's property, safety and right to learn. Students must come to class with required materials. Students must listen attentively and participate fully in class activities and discussions. Students must complete all assigned class work and homework on time.

Students must take notes dally and keep a dally assignment log. Consequences: The consequences for not adhering to the classroom and school policies range in seven rite and depend on frequency of their occurrence. They include: Verbal Warning (3 Max) class Detention (lunch/after school) Phone call home Referral to the Office Parenthetical Conference Missing more than 9 days of class in a semester may result in an automatic 10% grad e reduction.

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