Coping with a wafler

Published: 2021-07-21 05:10:07
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Dealing with People that Make Your Life Difficult Principles of supervision week 4 Individual work 2 Abstract This paper will discuss the waffled employee and how does It compare to a hasty person. The term "waffled" generally refers to an individual who has a tough time making and sticking to decisions. Introduction A waffled is a person that stalls and changes his or her mind often. Most of the time, a "waffled" means well but fears making the wrong decision. I honestly don't see anything wrong with a person not wanting to make the wrong decision.
Just be mindful of the consequences. Waffled Like most of us, a when faced with a situation, a wafer will weigh in on the pros and cons. The only negative aspect to a wafer is that his or her stalling in a fast-paced environment can be seen as a problem. The best possible way to connect with a waffled Is to develop a professional relationship, one close enough to show her she Is welcomed or liked. The key goal to coping with a waffled is make the Individual feel accepted, a part of the team. Making a suggestion like going to lunch or how was your keen, helps out a lot when faced with a waffled.
It's best that when dealing with a waffled to always provide feedback, whether good back and let the individual know you are here to help. Waffled vs. hasty person I think a waffled will focus on fitting In versus a hasty person who doesn't care to fit In. A hasty person may often display a nasty demeanor toward others for no reason at all. They could be having a bad day and they will blame you for it. A waffled is usually a pleasant individual. I have a co-worker on my job, who upon completion of this assignment, reminds me of a wafer.

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