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Published: 2021-07-17 10:15:06
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I am going to explain how my reading and study skills has improved since my first day of Eng. 5. I am also going to explain some of my strengths and weaknesses. I have improved my reading and study skills and also what I am going to do to improve in the future Before I entered Eng. 5, skills was very weak. I thought it was okay to skim over something, but now I realize I had a plenty of improvements to do. This class has helped to realize that studying is very important. I have to organize my own personal study guide, have a quiet, comfortable place to study in order for me to pass any quiz r test.
Doing this has had a lot of reflection on the quizzes and tests I have been taking in this class and my other classes also. I have some strength as a reader. For example, I can understand somewhat of what a book is about by reading the last page of it. By evaluating myself from the first day of class to now. My reading skills have improved. Before, when I read I book I dozed off, I will be reading the book but I would not understand a thing from the chapter. Now, while I read a book I write down notes and what I think might be important towards the chapters to come. I highlight important vocabulary words that
I do not know the meaning of. I look forward to reading my books in the future. I have been learned a lot this semester. Starting with my studying skills I have learned how to organized a study session and a personal study guide for myself. Furthermore, what plan to do for self-improvement I to start a study group with people in my class. Studying In a group can help study skills. My reading skills have gotten better, but it Is not excellent. I will take time to read the whole bible starting with genesis. I would like to read It every day, so I can understand every point of the bible.

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