Cultural Influences on Love

Published: 2021-07-16 11:05:06
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But when Is love ever true and committing? That Is why American tradition values marriage; the supposed full-term commitment of love and care. B) Sexual intercourse between partners is usually considered as love. Sex is valued as a freedom, and anyone could participate in sexual relationships. Even when someone isn't married or together, our American tradition views it as a natural incident. I believe love could just be caring deeply for someone and supporting them. Though someone once told me that love doesn't exist; it's just a made-up hooch!
C) Transition: Consequently, people can catch sexually transmitted diseases and the false assumption that sex is love, and can destroy a persons life. That assumption is usually obtained from the mass media. II. American culture also influences love by mass media. America is known for its mind-shaping media which includes television, newspapers, music/radio stations, and especially the internet. A) It is a fact that the American society has always been influenced by the mainstream media. We see or hear opinions and facts on TV or radio that others eave broadcasted.
Most people give information that is most likely based on unfounded assumptions or unreasonable views. Love Is a topic that Is controversial In terms of how we should go about It. B) The media has portrayed love In many different aspects. In movies and TV shows love might be shown as a sacred and personal relationship between a husband and wife, or that special night for a teen couple on the mountain peak. Sex Is often mistaken as true love In the media. For example, I never had sex with my ex- relined and I truly loved her.

Today, our views on love can be Influenced by networking such as Namespace, Twitter, or Faceable. C) Transition: However, all of these Influences and Ideas are biased, and can prove to be misleading. Society shouldn't believe everything In the media (or others). That is why American culture is based on individual freedom. America. We have the right to decide and think for ourselves on any topic or any action we choose. A) Today, American citizens have the right to choose who they can love or have sexual intercourse with.
Whether it be a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, we can decide. B) Individual freedom also gives us the right to decide if a loving relationship isn't so loving. For example, a chaotic marriage. Couples can file for a divorce if agreed upon. Transition: Definitely, No matter how you view it, love should be honest and true. It should be pure, whether in a sexual relationship, marriage, or friendship. Love is a valued term and emotion that American culture has influenced by tradition, freedom, and the mass media.

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