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Published: 2021-07-15 23:20:06
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England is an exciting country to visit and it also has a lot of interesting things to do such as: visit some beautiful beaches, go skiing, visit some famous places to see beautiful views. If you like countryside view, you can visit other small cities without London, you would enjoy the fresh air and pretty natural views . 1 Tourism In England If you want to go traveling or have a relaxing holiday, England is a good choice because it has many famous places which you should visit. Now I'm going to introduce to your mom famous places in England: * Tower Bridge: is one of the most attractive places to visit.
If you visit London, you should visit Tower Bridge because it's like an important icon or view in London. If you don't visit the tower bridge, your holiday in Uk won't be a wonderful and very waste of your experiences in the Uk. It was built in 1894 by 50 architects and designers entered a competition to design a bridge. It took 8 years to built and 432 people - who did hard-working to built. When you stand from high - level walkways, you would see an underfed view of London and you also can gain a great understanding of how life would be of a bridge was built. Bucking Palace: is the Queen's official London residence. It's a big and luxury palace with 19 living rooms, 52 bedrooms for guest and royal family, 78 bathrooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 official rooms. It was built in 1703. Victoria Queen lived here from 1837. When you walk from the door of the palace go inside, you will see a central lake was called " the heart of London ". When you walk around the central lake, you ill feel like losing in heaven because it's has a wonderful and romantic view.
The dancer will be waving handkerchief and waving many small bells at their bases. Cotswold is the Morris dance is mildest. 

In the Cambridge area, people dance Morris Molly's style - which follows the nature of humor. This dancing style looks funnier because the male dancer is called " Molly " will be masquerading as a woman.
In the northwest of England, the Morris dance looks more professional. The dancers will stand around to dancing and wearing handcuffs leg. Their clothes especially showy and has a lot of colors mixed together.

In conclusion, England is a rich country with a culture. It's a very exciting place to visit and has many interesting to do. It really makes me attractive and wants to know more information about this culture. I hope one day I can visit England and gain some experience with the culture of this country. I hope everyone after reading my little bit information of England would have the same feeling and interest in too.


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