Difference Between Counselling and Mentoring

Published: 2021-07-16 04:35:05
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Mentoring are both to do with helping people to develop. Counseling helps people to develop with the emotional concern in a safe and trusting relationship. For example, one of the staff In the Restaurant that I work In was worried about his father being ill in India. He wanted to go and see his father to see how he was progressing with medical treatment. He was also worried that his father is old at the age of 85 and that he might die.
He was also worried whether they had enough money in India to look after his father well. So all the staff supported him by counseling and asking him questions about his father and his family in India. We asked him whether he had enough money to send to India for his father's treatment. We asked him whether he had enough money to pay for the trip to India. We asked him which hospital his father was in and Is It a good hospital. We asked him what kind of treatment his father Is getting.
We asked him whether can afford to take time off work to evils India. According professional counselors, counseling is about asking questions and not serially giving answers or making suggestions. For example, if we were to suggest that he go to India tomorrow and then find out that his father recovers fairly quickly, our friend may feel that his Journey was waste of time and when he was to come back he might blame us for him loosing two weeks pay from work and also for wasting money on the trip.

That's why when counseling we don't make suggestions but let the person decide for themselves as what they should do about the problem. This makes sure that they are responsible for their decisions and consequences. Mentoring Mentoring allows a person to turn to another more experienced person on a regular basis to develop their own skills and ability In the work place.
For example, when I started working in the restaurant I had no idea how to work as a waiter, so I was told by the management that I could talk to a colleague who had been a waiter for three years in India and ELK. He explained to me what a good waiter does and how he treats the customer. Mentoring encourages a person to do what's right for them. For example, my mentor told me that the customer is very important, so I decided make sure that I talk to the customers about curries, about India and about News stories.
I want them feel they are my friends and that I know them as a friend. For me mentoring provided regular time to talk to my mentor and discuss new ways work shift I usually have a discussion with my mentor about how I worked each right. I feel safe to discuss things to do with developing the business with my mentor rather than with my manager. My mentor and I have developed a relationship which helps me with my professional development through support and understanding. My mentor and I have become more like friends at the work.

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