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Published: 2021-07-17 23:00:06
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Process general ledger transactions, including Journal entries f. Carry out bank reconciliations on a weekly basis 2. Payroll Services a. Enter staff timeshares b. Prepare payroll runs as per required frequency c. Monitor employee entitlements d. Reconcile payroll on monthly basis to ensure no discrepancies e. Prepare end of year payroll reconciliation and payment summariea. Reconcile, verify and report In relation to the SST accounting b. Prepare and Lodge Business Actively Statement as required c.
Prepare and lodge Installment Actively Statement as required d. Lease with Australian Taxation Office In relation to these services a. Provision of telephone support b. Liaise with external accountant Should you require any additional work outside the above scope could you please advise in an email before commencement. If I believe this work to be outside my experience or competency I retain the right to decline the work and/or seek help from a person who holds the expertise. Service Fees any Payments
All bookkeeping fees for the services I provide to you will be based on the time spent and the degree of skill necessary to complete the tasks required as between the parties. We will issue you with an invoice for services rendered on a monthly basis enabling you to track all costs incurred. Our bookkeeping fees are: Bookkeeping Hourly Rate $45. 00 per hour (Note: All Bookkeeping Fees will be reviewed on an Annual Basis to ensure feasibility of the work) Terms of Payment All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the date of invoice.

I reserve the right to top work if you fail to make any payment when and as it falls due This agreement may be terminated by either party with a minimum of 30 days' notice. Yours sincerely, Bookkeeper Client Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Letter of Engagement If you are in agreement with the payment terms and terms of engagement please sign and return the attached duplicate letter to me I hereby acknowledge and accept the terms of this engagement as set out. I shall be personally liable for all fees for services performed in accordance with such agreement. Name: Print Name Signed .

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