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Published: 2021-07-19 20:35:07
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Category: Communication, Academic Integrity

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I will be grading it relatively harshly, but... If you want to raise your grade, you can make the edits I have suggested, and turn the new paper in ALONG WITH the original, edited paper, and that will raise your grade quite a bit. Goal: the goal here is to work on 3 things: allowing you to investigate a memory related topic of your choice, increasing your military with research/scientific methodology, and working on your writing and editing skills. Due Date: there will be 3 times in this semester when papers will be handed in to me, but you only have to do ONE paper.
I'm having you all not turn them all in at once because that would take me forever to grade, as I put in a lot of effort to helping you edit and learn to do scientific writing. First Batch of Papers, due: 2/10 Second Batch of Papers, due: 317 Third Batch of Papers, due: 3/31 You will sign up for which date you want to turn in your paper during class. I will pass around 3 sheets and it will be first come first serve. As such, I'm guessing most people will sign in for the latest date, but if you do get stuck with the early ones, it will probably be a good thing.
The semester always gets busier as you go, so I bet it will help to get this out of the way early so you can focus on other classes. Sons Studies. Simply sign-up and participate in 4 credits worth of Sons studies. If you do that, this portion of your grade will be the full 20%. These are GAME POINTS, so easy to get full credit here, so get them done early. Participation. We will have numerous in-class discussions, which should give you n opportunity for me to learn who you are. Definitely speak up and don't be shy; being active in your education is very important.

Another opportunity for participation points will be in-class activities! I will have you do various things and put your name on it, if you do a good Job and take the activities seriously, that will count towards your participation grade. Extra Credit. I will randomly give out pop quizzes in class, but they will be worth extra credit only. They can't hurt your grade. There will also be extra credit available to the winning teams during our Jeopardy view days. Warning: on top of the usual topics, there will be an "random" category of question.
If you'd like additional extra credit, you can sign-up to present your article in front of the class (see course calendar). The presentation will be about 10 minutes long. You will describe the topic/article you read about, discuss your critique of it, and discuss your idea for future studies. Email me EARLY to reserve a spot. Slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Course Policies: Attendance is NOT mandatory. There is no way to take attendance in a class like this. However, you will miss out on some opportunities if you don't show up.
Participation is highly encouraged. I will be calling on people, some who raise their hands and some who do not raise their hands. If this makes you really anxious, you may email Honesty: This course operates on the University's Code of Academic Integrity. This Code of Academic Integrity reflects the values articulated in the Student Code of Standards. All students are expected to adhere to a standard of academic conduct, which demonstrates respect for themselves, their fellow students, and the educational mission of Florida International University. No cheating, no popularizing.

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