Gay Marriage: The Struggle for Equal Rights

Published: 2021-08-05 12:20:06
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Gay Marriage BY gapping Gay Marriage: The Struggle for Equal Rights Gerald Priest Gene. 195 July 2, 2014 Lily David Since the age of dawn people have fought for equal rights, Blacks, Mexicans and women Just to name a few. In this day of age by now everyone should have equal rights but they do not. The gay and lesbian community is still struggling for equal rights. Gays and lesbian want rights Just like everyone else like marriage. Gay marriage is important to the gay and lesbian community to make them feel equal, have the benefits like others and be socially accepted. Equal Rights In February 2014, Arizona government introduced SHABBY.
SHABBY is a bill that would allow business owners in Arizona to legally deny service to same sex couples by citing their religious beliefs. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed SHABBY, Brewer citied "unintended and negative consequences" (Broody, 2014 peg. 56). Equal rights is a given right, well not exactly. If someone falls into a certain group or community, like the gay and lesbian community, their rights are very limited. Marriage is one of those rights that the gay and lesbian community does not have. Marriage is a human right which should be allowed for everyone and not discriminate others. Benefits
Benefits plays a major role in gay marriage, not only for finances but medical wise. For example there is a gay couple, not married because the state does not allow it, and one of them becomes very ill and passes away. Well the other partner does not have any rights to claim his partner's body, his partner's family does. The partner can not even plan the funeral or even keep anything that was his partner's. Sometimes this is the case because their family never liked their child being with the same sex, so they punish their child's partner by doing so. So having that title as being married is very important.

Most Jobs you have to be married to receive your partner's benefits but how if the state will not allow them to marry. In an article it states, "The Defense of Marriage Act by the Congress of the U. S. Prevents the same-sex partners from receiving benefits" (Passe, 2012 peg. 459-472). This is Congress denying benefits, their rights to gays and lesbians. Social Acceptance When society see two guys holding hands or even kissing, they call them names, throw things at them, give them dirty looks or even worst cases kill them. Now it is kind of different when people see two girls hold hands or even kiss.
Society views says and lesbians as a disgrace, they look down on them like they are not even humans. Gays and lesbians Just want to walk and hold hands without the fear of society showing negative behavior. "Although sharply divided, public attitudes toward gays and lesbians are rapidly changing to reflect greater acceptance, with younger generations leading the way (Harms, 2011). " Gays and lesbians have seen a change in society, society is a bit more accepting than how it used to be slowly but surely. Conclusion The gay and lesbian community has overcame struggles to get to where they are at today, but still going through more struggles.
The importance of gay marriage is equal rights, benefits and being socially accepted.

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