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Published: 2021-08-01 13:10:08
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Great leadership is a rare skill. It is much more rare than most people realize. For most people it doesn't come naturally. It is amazing how many organizations are successful even though they have only marginally competent people leading them. Many times this is because the structure of the organization helps make up for a leaders short comings. Sometimes it is because a particularly talented staff that makes up for the leaders deficiencies. While great leadership skills can make someone successful, the inverse is not true. Being successful doesn't make you a good leader.
If you are looking for leaders to learn from make sure you are looking for people who actually have good leadership skills and not just someone who is successful. You can't assume that someone is a good leader just because they have had success. Many times people try to emulate people who have had success and try to follow their leadership styles. While this might be a good thing people often end up mimicking the bad habits of individuals. Don't assume that someone's leadership style is effective just because they are successful.
Many times they may be successful in spite of their leadership skills not because of their leadership skills. A good organizational structure can often hide someone's poor leadership skills. Many times leaders are simply riding the wave of momentum from an earlier success that their leadership skills may have had very little part in actually creating. Actually creating. Communication skills, is an important element. Communication will help the leader to easily interact with people and his followers. By having good communication skills with others, the leader can give and get opinion, shares ldeas and so on.

Commuincation is important to avoid miscommuincation in an organization. A leader should have this skill to interact with his client from different language and background as well. Listening skills also important, a leader should listen to his followers, and get feedback from them. Feedback from the followers is important by this way the leader gets to know about the followers better. This help to improve the job too. Besides this, a leader should have a clear vision on what he is doing. Vision will gives the leader a clear mindset on what he is doing.
Important to have a vision and working towards achieving it. For example in an organization without a clear mindset a leader will not have a proper and clear mindset to get things done. Passion or desires. It important to have passion towards the job we are doing . Without passion or desires we will not fell satify with the job we are doing. Passion is the door of achievement. Positive attitude. A good leader should have a positive attitude and positive thinking. By being a positive person it gives a lot of inner strenght and bulid confident in a person life.
Positive mindset and attitude always help to understand and gives a good solution to the problem. A leader has to be a good problem solver as well. To solve the problem the leader has to be calm and does not blame others for his mistake. A leader should find the solution to every problem he come across in life. A leader should not run away from the problem but stand and face it will full confident. Futhermore, a leader should always be focused on what he is doing to achieve his goals. Focused and always work closely to achieve his mission and vision in life.
By being focused in life it will be easy to achieve their dreams. A leader should be a good example to others. In other words be a set of example to others by having a strong character and also able to lead his followers. Be an example by having a good and pleasant personality, be a confident and etc. A leader should be a risk taker. Risk taker in what he is doing. For example bring in new product or giving a solution to the problems. By being a risk taker it will motivate to be a good leader in future.
A leader should not be scared to try something new but a leader should accept to the changes in the organization. A leader should also be tolerant and always remain calm. A leader should be patience and calm at all the time, especially went making a decision. A leader has to have a control of emotions too. A leader cannot bring his famliy problem to the office. A leader should always show a profesional attitude. Futhremore, a leader should always have am important element which is honest and intergity. For example a leader should be an honest person.
In and company; a leader should be a good example and must be honest to take over responabitily. Honest by being trust by others is important to create the trust. Dedication towards work is a must. The leader should havr the feel of dedication to wards his job. By having the feel of dedication the leader will feel tha he has the full responibolity towards his job. A leader should be an ambitions person. A leader also must like new challenges in life and always wants to learn something new in life. A leader should be a disciplined person.
Disciplined refers to have control in what he is doing, A leader should be diciplined by being disciplined and following the rules and regulations of the company or the organization. A leader must show a very good example to others. A good personalities is important in being a leader. A leader should know how to be persentinfront of others. Foe examlpe the leader should know how tgive a good persentationinfrornt of others as well. Be a leader has to be courage and brave to face any kind of situation in life. A leader should also protect his followers as well.
Not only protect them but giving them strenght and courage in what ever they are doing. A leader should also be a good teacher ti his followers and guide them went they fece difficult in solve any task. Leader havetoshould give 100% of committed to his job. It is important to give 100% of committed in what he is doing. A leader should also be a good role model to others. Leader has to be an example by having all the good characteristics in himself. Being leader is not a simple thing. A leader has to overcome all the opticsal. A leader should remain calm in what ever problem comes to him.
Example of a leader our DR. Seri Mahathir, had been a good leader to our country Malaysia. He had ruled the country for several years. He also had work hard to bring success to our country. A leader shoud have the charchater of care for the team. Care to the team refers to understand the followers have a close ralationship with each of them. Listen to them gaving them space and freedom to think and give opinion too. Besides this having a often meeting with them to know their process by weekly meething and can give them enough of traning to each task or projects thea the followers are doing.
Praise the followers after each task or projects that they are doing. By just appreciate them for a good job. Foe example just saying them well done or thanking them will make a different to them and this will encourage them to do better job in the future. A leader should also accept critism from others. A leadr should accpet critism as a feedback and work to be a better person in life. A laeder should not be arrogant to his followers to have a good working enivorment. Puncity is also an importantto be leader. By being on time for meeting or wokt it will set a good example to his followers to follow it.

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