Illegal Immigration

Published: 2021-08-01 01:55:08
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When it comes to the country as a whole, everyone has an opinion on how to change it. Most of the time we don’t see eye to eye, but I’m pretty sure we can agree on one thing…. Illegal Immigration is a huge problem. It’s something that should’ve been controlled a long time ago and it wasn’t. Now that the issue is out of control, everyone has their hands up in the air and coming up with the most drastic “solutions”. The issue of illegal immigration really became a big issue when the economy started going down the tubes.
It was then that with a tighter control on the country’s budget, we truly realized how much of our aid was going to illegal immigrants. This issue has been on the media for some time. It really came to center stage during this last election. Everything seemed to simmer down just a bit that was until this most recent election. During one of the debates, Mitt Romney made his stance on illegal immigration. As most people know he is against it. It was his later comments that added fuel to the already burning fire.
He said that under his administration, he would make so hard on immigrants that they would ask to be deported. I think we can agree that this is extremely harsh method. In order to fix this problem drastic measure must be taken. I personally believe that the key is stopping them before they get here. It’s hard to get illegal immigrants out of the country once their already in. One way to do this is to have tighter security in the Mexican side of the border. If they get through the border in their country and get caught in the US, they should get arrested or fined.

Currently if they catch you, they just send you back. If they were to get arrested this would show them, that we are not playing games. I am a strong supporter of securing our borders. Another way to stop illegal immigrations is to enforce visa rules. If a person is awarded a 6 month visa, that doesn’t mean they can stay forever. It is the job of Immigration officials to keep track of visas. Once their visa is about to expire, the person should get notified. They need to know that overstaying your visa is a civil offense.
Although I would love to see that changed and made a federal crime. Since I started studying the issue of illegal immigration a lot of my views have changed. I used to be very pro illegal immigration. One of the issues that I feel very strongly about is birthright citizenship, I’m against it. Instead of coming to this country to make a better themselves, some people come here just to have American babies. They need to know that this is not ok; it’s not fair to the innocent children and us who work hard. There are a lot of countries that have abolished this practice.
I think America needs to step up and do the same thing. Although it really doesn’t come as a surprise, there are some crimes associated with illegal immigrants. People come here escaping the law they have broken in their countries, but they also break the law here. Other big thing is there is a lot of gang activity among immigrants. Once they come here, they are faced with the realization, that there’s not much they can do as illegal aliens. It is because of this that they turn to a life of crime. There needs to be a global system for crime data.
By having this system, Immigration officers can check if the people who are trying to come in are tied to any illegal activity in their countries. Illegal Immigration is an issue that is not going away time some. This something that I am very passionate about. After all I am Hipic and came from a family of immigrants. There are some people that think I am betraying my culture, because of my views. The truth is that I have seen how people can come to this country and succeed, the right way. By right way I mean, following the laws of this country. We all reap what we sow; if you do things right then you will enjoy the great benefits.

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