Impacts of Casinos

Published: 2021-08-06 22:45:07
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The Negative Impact Many people do not want the casinos in their town and feel that having one will only bring chaos and criminal activity. Some of the misconceptions how a casino will affect a town range from addiction to industry centralization. In the website that Greg Saris has written he states that "we don't want to get into slot machines and hard-core gambling because it is addictive and destructive in people's lives" (Saris, 2003). It is believed that the impact of a casino coming into a town would be morally ND ethically irresponsible.
The people that go to this facility are sometimes categorized as gambling addicts with alarming numbers of them. In California back in 2002 it is said that there were over 1. 2 billion addicts in that state. It is a widespread belief that with the casinos will increase the "crime, suicide, addiction and human misery' (Saris, 2003). In the article that Kevin Fagan has written it can be seen the comparison between gambling addictions and a drug (crack-cocaine) (Fagan, 2007). A person may start out n Bingo (class Ill in Nevada) or a simple form of gambling and then may be introduced to slot machines.
It is believed there is a great need for medical help since it is referred to as "a medically designated psychological disorder in its most severe, pathological form" (Fagan, 2007). Douglas Walker has written a book to help us to understand the economics of gambling and the arguments presented. It is general misconception that casinos are an "industry centralization, the "factory-restaurant" dichotomy, export base theory of growth, money inflow (mercantilism) (Walker, 2007). Positive Argument There many positive impacts on a towns economics that have been proven over history.

Will the positive affects be greater than the negative? Through studies and research it can be seen how beneficial casinos can affect the economic industry. It is believed that casinos will be able to draw in tourists and more income to a city through marketing and incentives to those across the U. S. It will bring more income to a town that otherwise would not have had visitors (Walker, 2007) (peg. 36). Both revenue and income for a small town is greatly increased when a casinos are created. (Ask. Com, n. D. )

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