Jane Goodall

Published: 2021-07-31 05:05:08
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Jane Goodall's research with chimpanzees and gorillas is an example of Naturalistic observation.
Here is a list of the key findings if Goodall’s life

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1960: Chimpanzees as meat eaters * First recorded instance of toolmaking by nonhumans
1964: Planning-Figan showed deliberate planning when he kidnapped baby Flint in order to get his mother Flo and the rest of the group to follow him.
Using man-made objects- Mike used empty kerosene cans to intimidate larger males, and become the alpha male.
1966: Polio invaded Gombe and devastated both humans and chimps alike. Chimpanzees can also get AIDS.
1970: Awe-the chimps spontaneously danced at the sight of a waterfall Jane believes that expression of awe in chimps resembles the emotions that led early humans to religion.
1974: Warfare-a war broke out between the Kasakela males and seven males of a splinter group. This lasted four years; the rival group was eradicated, except for a few females. This type of violence had not been recorded in chimpanzees.
1975: Cannibalism-Passion killed and ate Gilka's infant, and shared the meat with her daughter, Pom. Together they continued eating infants for two years.
Coalitions-Figan's status as alpha male was somewhat challenged when his brother Faben disappeared.
Transfer of a female to a different group
1987: Adoption-Spindle, an adolescent female, "adopted" baby Mel, after his mother died of pneumonia.
1994: Consortship-researchers at Gombe have observed males leading females away from the community and establish short-term monogamous relationships. This is believed to be so the male can ensure that the offspring are theirs.
Technology transfer-Chimps from one community "modeled" the toolmaking behavior of chimps in another community.
1995: Twins-Rafiki gave birth to only second set twins recorded at Gombe, Roots and Shoots.
Medicinal plants-chimps have been seen chewing the plant Aspilia, a medicinal plant believed to relieve stomach pains or reduce internal parasites.

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