Jerry Maguire-Case Study

Published: 2021-07-27 10:55:06
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LED 605 Negotiations*, Bargaining and Conflict Resolution*: Jerry Maguire Case Study by Hana Jurcovicova For our case study assignment we watched a short part from Jerry Maguire movie. In this movie Jerry Maguire is a sport agent. This kind of job was always his dream. But he is not happy in his job. He hates himself and what he became. He hates the company that was all about money. He learned when he first started, that the job of a sports agent is mostly about personal relationship, caring for people doing business with and meeting their needs.
He writes a new mission statement for his company, for the future of it. He wants to make it a company he would like to work for. He thinks that the most important thing is to have fewer clients, which they can take better care of. Fewer clients mean less money for the company which is oriented mostly in making a lot of money. He writes a little book about this mission statement about what we think but never say loud and put it in every mailbox of every employee.
The next day when everybody reads it or is still reading, people are clapping to Jerry Maguire even though they know almost for sure he was going to be fired for that. Jerry Maguire is fired later on in the movie. He is fired for sharing his personal opinion and writing about it. It looks like he wants to set people against the company and the way it operates right now. Moreover he did not discuss this mission statement change with any of the members of the board or CEO. Nobody gave him the permission to release his new mission statement to public.

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