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Published: 2021-08-07 18:35:07
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Topic: LL Cool J (James Todd Smith) General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: So that my listeners have a better understanding of the artist James Todd Smith Thesis: From the song “I Can’t Live Without my Radio” to the world of NCIS: Los Angeles, the rapper LL Cool J is one of the best and most inspirational rappers in the games history. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: James Todd Smith’s rapper names stands for Ladies Love Cool James. He was a paper boy before becoming a rapper, he sang in the church choir, Bruce Lee is his inspiration and influence for becoming an actor, and he wear’s a Kangol hat when rapping (Fennessey).
LL Cool J is a jacked actor and artist. B. Reason to Listen: You should listen because LL Cool J is just a man with some mean swath swag. C. Thesis Statement: In a plethora of different ways LL Cool J is one of my favorite rappers. This is because of his history, because he just isn’t a music artist but an actor, and the rappers that he has had beef with and how he has won. D. Credibility Statement: 1. I’ve been listening to LL Cool J since I began listening to rap which was around 13 years old. 2. The websites I used to research LL Cool J were Rolling Stones, Spin, and Island Def Jam.
E. Preview of Main Points: 1. First, I will discuss LL Cool J’s life story. 2. Secondly, I will talk about how LL Cool J is also an actor. 3. Lastly, on the rappers he has battled with. II. From a paper boy to a ripped stud that wears a Kangol, LL Cool J has a very unique journey into the rapping game. A. James Todd Smith as a child and a teenager wasn’t that great it was beyond tragic. 1. His parents divorced when he was four because his father shot his grandparents and put them in critical condition. He was also abused from his mom’s next boyfriend physically and verbally (Fennessey). . He started to rap at the age of nine and started to create beats at the age of 11 because his grandpa bought him a DJ system (Simon). 3. He sent his tapes to a bunch of record companies, which included Def Jams, who he was signed to. 4. LL Cool J was formed by Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin. 5. Def Jam’s first release was “I Need a Beat” (1984) which sold 100,000 copies, and James Todd Smith dropped out of high school (Media). B. LL Cool J started with a big hit “I Need A Beat” to being featured in a bunch of songs. 1. I Can’t Live Without My Radio” became LL Cool J’s biggest song at that time and it went platinum. It was performed in the movie Kush Groove (Fennessey). 2. Produced two more platinum singles a little later “I’m Bad” and “I Need Love” on the album Bigger and Deffer (Fennessey). 3. After a rocky few years, LL Cool J, came striking back with the Grammy-winning Baby Said Knock You Out album which is James Todd Smith’s biggest-selling record to date (Media). 4. LL Cool J was the first artist to perform on MTV’s Unplugged with the song. 5. In 1995 he released a multiplatinum album which produced three Top 10 singles.

Transitions: Since the ablum Phenomenon and his autobiography, I Make My Own Rules, LL Cool J as focused on his acting career. A. LL Cool J has been on the big screens a few times. 1. Himself in Krush Groove, a rapper in Wildcats, Billy in The Hard Way, Patrick Zevo in Toys, Himself in Out of Sync, Himself in B. A. P. S. , Roger in Caught Up, Darryl in Woo, Ronny in Halloween: H20, Dudley in Deep Blue Sea, “God” in In Too Deep, Julian Washington in Any Given Sunday, Marcus Ridley in Rollerball, and a bunch more (“”). B. LL Cool J has also been on your Television in some TV series. 1.
He is currently on the new hit Television series NCIS: Los Angeles. 2. Some old one’s LL Cool J has appeared on would be The Electric Company twice as himself, Ridikolus on 30 Rock, Marion Hill in In the House, and himself in Sesame Street (“”). Transition: Through LL Cool J’s scrambled career between actor and rapper he has been in some heated situations along the way with other artists. A. Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J 1. These two have a long going rivalry. 2. The feud started because Kool Moe Dee claimed LL Cool J stole his lyrics and that LL Cool J didn’t pay his respect to the great MCs at the time (Fennessey). . They named one of their albums exactly the same How Ya Like Me Now, but Kool Moe Dee took a shot at LL by having a jeep running over a red Kangol Hat. B. Canibus vs. LL Cool J 1. The feud began because shots taken on the song 4,3,2,1 in which LL Cool J was making a statement against upcoming rapper Canibus. 2. After the song 4,3,2,1 Canibus made a come back song Second Round K. O. , but not long after LL Cool J retaliates with his own songs The Ripper Strikes Back and Back Where I Belong. 3. After the beef was settled Canibus became less of an attraction. III. Conclusion A.
Review of Main Points 1. Today I described LL Cool J’s life story from child to present. 2. Second, I told you about his acting career. 3. Finally, I told you about LL Cool J’s rap battles B. Restate Thesis:In a plethora of different ways LL Cool J is one of my favorite rappers. This is because of his history, because he just isn’t a music artist but an actor, and the rappers that he has had beef with and how he has won. C. Closure: In conclusion, LL Cool J, The Future of Funk, Mr. Smith, Nickelhead, or G. O. A. T. (Greatest of All Time) is one of the most inspirational MC that has been in the rapping game to date.

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