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Comprehension State the dilemma's main problem: -The dilemma's main problem is whether you should report that your coworker Careen's breath smelled like alcohol to a man named David Chain, or not report the instance. This is a dilemma because of the fact that you do not like to 'rock the boat' and you do not like to be 'disloyal to your coworkers', Identify at least three points (more Is better) the dilemma makes to highlight the main Idea.
Some points that the dilemma makes to highlight the main idea is: Karen is often late to work Karen is not someone you can count on Karen can be unprofessional with coworkers Karen is not your favorite person to work with What are some significant points presented In the dilemma?
Some significant points that are presented in the dilemma are: You could conform to David that you did smell alcohol on Careen's breath By doing so you could ruin any relationship or any chance of a friendship/relationship with Karen You could label yourself as a 'tattle tail' or a 'whistler's' to other coworkers You could give yourself a sense of guilt for being a person to point fingers You could add stress to our own life because of this complicated situation You could decide not to tell David about the alcohol breath By doing so, you could be dodging an attempt to solve this problem You could cause more harm to Karen by not helping her You could stress yourself out by knowing you did not help You could have helped contribute to more suspicion and gossip in the workplace by not confirming anything You could walk away and live your life as If It never happened You could decide not to tell David and talk to Karen on your own By doing o you have a chance of confronting the issue in a private matter You might be able to get an honest answer by showing genuine feelings You could avert any more stress towards anyone by solving the issue You could make Karen feel as if she has been violated of her privacy What have you learned from the textbook that correlates to this case?

Some things that I have learned from the textbook that correlates to this case is: that emotional intelligence can be used to form harmonious teams you could use your El to help inspire others alluding social awareness can help you identify with Karen emotions and feelings An ongoing negative emotion can result from dissatisfaction, leading to burnout Affect-driven behavior may cause you to respond to people in a certain way Being unfairly treated by your boss or coworkers can cause you to behave negatively towards others Affective Events Theory says events can cause people to behave differently A certain work even could motivate some, while it Just discourages others Negative emotions linger around much longer than positive emotions Negative emotions can result from undesired events including not having your opinion heard, a lack of control over your environment, and unpleasant interactions with coworkers or customers Those with a strong social support network are less stressed that those without one A USN can buffer the effects of stress Karen might not have a USN Factors such as diet, sleep, timeliness, work/life balance, and personal life situations are main contributors to stresses Summary [25%] What are the main lessons from this dilemma for leaders in a business organization? -The main lessons from this dilemma for leaders in a business organization is how o approach a situation like this one. A leader of a business organization does not want to rush to Judgment or conclusion especially when it comes to something like alcohol on one's breath. There could be a million explanations about alcohol on ones breath and many causes as well.
Making the right ethical decision involves discretely approaching the situation and try to understand the cause and effect of the problem. What does this dilemma fundamentally teach you about Organizational Behavior and why does it matter? -This dilemma fundamentally teaches me that in Organizational Behavior, it takes team to move forward. You truly are as strong as your weakest link. Linked with this situation, gossip and pointing fingers is only going to make the situation work. It takes a caring and understanding person to help prevent this issue from going any further. It matters because it is good for the organization and it is good for your employees and customers. Give an overall impression of this dilemma. Is it effective, useful, confusing, informative, etc.?
Explain why you are characterizing the article as you are. Point to specific features or details to validate your impression. Overall I thought this was a confusing dilemma. First off, it is a very brief dilemma in which a lot of detail is left out. For example, you work at a paper company but your role is not stated, Careen's role is not stated, and neither is Davit's. For all I know David could be a random stranger that sells me hotdogs right outside of work. Even if David is a coworker, if he is not upper management, it is none of his business to confirm gossip or not. Without specifics, it is hard to come to a conclusion about how to approach a situation like this one.

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