Modern Teenagers: Their Development

Published: 2021-08-05 16:50:06
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Today's teenagers are motivated in making differences in the community. It is seen that teenagers today do not rely mostly on technology, and they spend almost their entire lifetime on social networks like Backbone and Twitter. They believe in popularity, and this is the reason many ensure that they have as many friends as possible on social networks. As a result, the teenagers constantly compete with others in terms of who understands technology better than the other.
Consequently, the number of teenagers using social networks and internet has increased drastically over the years. The research shows that almost 85% teenagers in the United States are on social networks. The teenagers today who are between the ages of 15 to 20 years are the last cohorts of the generation( Stash,2011) . They are digital natives, and the changing technology has transformed their way of life in politics and their future possibilities. Technology has also changed the way that teenagers view life and politics.
The economy is changing on a daily basis, and life is no longer the same. Consequently, teenagers are growing towards the age of austerity, and they are also facing increasing education and high costs on education and competitive labor market in the current generation. Moreover, teenagers today are apathetic, narcissistic and selfish, and they are easily affected by peer pressure. According to the study, teenagers easily involve themselves in drugs, criminal acts and sexual acts due to the influence from the surrounding.

For instance, the fashion is changing with mime, and teenagers are largely affected by the changing fashions, and teenagers believe that fashion determines how an individual is exposed to the changing life trends. The other increasing trend among the current teenagers is smoking. From the statistic, about 4 million teenagers from the age of 15 years to 19 years are smokers. The incidence of smoking among teenagers has increased from the sass (Birdseed, 2012). However, the high rate of smoking is attributed to the changes in peer pressure among the teenagers.
Additionally, teenagers today are also motivated to sake changes in the community. They do not rely on politics or others to solve their problems. However, they roll up their sleeves and power up their machines (laptops) and smart phones to solve their problems using the crowd-sourced collaboration. The teenagers largely trust the information they retrieve from the internet compared to the information they are given by people. The teenagers are also accustomed to high speed and responsiveness, and if they are provided with the right opportunities and support, the teenagers can transform the notions and expectations of active testimonies.
In the 19th century, teenagers observed the respect towards the elders. It was considered as the greatest offense when a teenager was reported to be disrespectful. However, things have currently changed among the teenagers. As a result of the transition, teenagers are manipulative, disrespectful and out of control. This has contributed to the emergence of many unexpected behaviors among the teenagers, like high drug abuse, rape and cases of murder. Moreover, teenagers today live healthy, prosperous and promising lives compared to the past lives.
Currently, parents are committed to giving their kids the best lives, and they choose to do everything to ensure they are comfortable ( Bistros, 2013). Another common characteristic among the teenagers is the changing education system across the world. Today, teenagers are studying more courses in core academic subjects together with the challenging courses.

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