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Published: 2021-07-22 01:45:07
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Mark Hidden creates, between Christopher and his world moves his audience to a deeper understanding of autistic people. Mark Headers novel "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" portrays the importance of truth In challenging world. Though features show throughout the novel. Christopher adventure to find out how killed the neighborhood dog Wellington creates the crime and detection genre of the novel.
His relationship with society and family alters thought the novel giving us a clear picture of the struggles autistic people encounter. This moves us to a deeper understanding of Chorister's condition. Mark Haddam significantly portrays the concept of Chorister's relation to his world through the use of interesting narrative features and combination. The value of truth shines light on the world Christopher lives in and changes our understanding of autistic people. In Chorister's world, lying is not an option.
The closest he has ever come to lying is a white lie "l said "l was out" this is called a white lie this is where you tell the truth but not the whole truth" though Chorister's monotone voice, the audience can see that lying Is not an option. This Is portrayed when Christopher says "l was out" flatly. Christopher relationship with the truth Is strong, but when Christopher get lied to he won't trust the liar anymore "l killed Wellington... I thought well... Sit" thought the use of colloquial language and ellipses Christopher father reveals the truth of the murder.

This impacted on the relationship between Christopher and his father negatively, he began losing his trust in him and eventually he ran away to his mother. The Technique shows that his father was very hesitant because be because he knew that Christopher won't take the information lightly "My dad killed Wellington which means he might kill me" says Christopher Before he runs away to his mother. Thought the value of truth we are able to see and understand the world autistic people live In. Relationships with society and family plays a very Important role in Chorister's world.
Christopher relationship with society and family changes throughout out the novel. For example, Christopher relationship with his father changes for love to fear "he held up his right hand and spread his fingers" symbolism Is use to show the love aspect between Christopher and his father, Showing the acceptance they fell to one another. This is later changed when Christopher finds out that his father, the one he loved and trusted, has betrayed his trust "l love you very much Chris, don't ever forget that.
I know I lose my rage occasionally, I know I get angry, I know I shout I know I shouldn't" the repetition of "l know' reveals the idea of Christopher father understanding what he did wrong. When Christopher father apologies it reflects the love he feels towards Christopher. Christopher is known for his lack of communication and intolerance towards society he does not like people touching him and if he was to talk to a stranger he would not interact with them. He would ask his question and leave.
An example of Chorister's Intolerance to strangers Is 'When there Is a new member of staff at school I Just watch them until I know they are safe" logical/factual language Is used to show how Christopher fells about people. He only interacts with people he knows, he only interacts with strangers if he really has to. Understand Christopher autism and learn to accept it. The lack of understanding and communication in Chorister's world affects our understanding and response to autistic people. Christopher prevents himself from communicating to strangers because he cannot comprehend metaphors.
An example of this would be "l laughed my socks off' the metaphor used confuses Christopher because he takes it literally. He cannot comprehend how is funny to other people. Communication dose not only need to be verbal it can be reflected thought emotions and behavior "and I pushed her away because she was grabbing me and I didn't like it, and I pushed really hard and I fell over" the repetition of "and" and the use of tone and mood shows that Christopher does not like to be touched even by his mother who he has not seen for a very long time.
Christopher does communicate physically o his parents but in a strange way "and I was lying on the ground and mother held up her right hand and spread her fingers out in a fan so that I could touch her fingers" the use of symbolism shows that that Christopher communicates to his loved ones but nothing beyond the finger touching which alters and shapes our understanding of Christopher and autistic people. In conclusion Mark Headers novel "The curious incident of the dog in the night- time" moves us to a different understanding of Christopher and his world and alters our response to it thought the use of language features and techniques.

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