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Published: 2021-07-30 04:20:06
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Kimi Raikonnen is my favourite sportsman. He is a Finnish racing driver. When he joined the Sauber Formula 1 team he was only 21 and had raced in only 23 car races in his life. But he had won more than half of them. He won the Championship with Ferrari in 2007. Then he took a break from Formula 1 for a while and raced in rallies, but last year he returned back, driving for the Lotus team. Raikkonen is very calm, cool, and calculating in his race strategy and he is known for his absence of emotion which is why he is nicknamed 'The Iceman'.
Whether he wins a race or his car breaks down and robs him of certain victory, he stays cool and detached, showing little emotion of any kind. There is nothing that really makes him upset, angry or happy for more than for fifteen minutes or so. It was unbelievable how Kimi appeared already at the beginning. Before his first race - just half an hour before the start - his team was preparing the start, but Raikkonen wasn’t there. They started to search for him and his engineer eventually found him, sleeping gently in a room at the back of the garage.
He had to wake him up and he just said: “Jo, let me still sleep a bit. Give me 5 minutes. ” Why do I like him so much? The answer is that he is a character and one who makes me laugh. Orszagod legnepszerubb sportja Although Hungary is a relatively small country, it has always been successful in several different sports.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the country. Football is a sport played between two teams. The game is played on a football pitch. Each team has 11 players on the field. One of these players is the goalkeeper, and the other ten are known as "outfield players. The game is played by kicking a ball into the opponent's goal. A match has 90 minutes of play, with a break of 15 minutes in the middle. Players may not use their hands or arms, except the goalkeeper, who may use them within his own penalty area.
The most memorable game of Hungary was in 1953. The English team were unbeaten for 90 years at home, but in this year the Hungarian Golden Team defeated them with a final score of 6-3. Unfortunately Hungarian football is not the best nowadays. We had a very good team about forty years ago but since then we have had a bad period.
Sometimes there are good times when we can beat strong teams but in general we lose. Every year we can see some individual talents but they go to foreign clubs to play. Sport event I’ve been to In 2005 I went to the Hungaroring to see the Formula 1 race. My father took me there with his car. He and my mother also came to see the race. The Hungaroring is beautiful. It is enourmous but it has a very good scenery because it was built upon a hill. Many people were there and waiting to get inside. We waited about half an hour at the gates to get in.
After that, we took our places and watched the drivers’ preparation before the race. When they started their engines and got the green lamp to go, it was very loud. I was really enthusiastic, because my favourite driver was Kimi Raikkonen and I’d like to see him winning. I was very happy when in the half of the race he could overtake Schumacher and he lead until the end of the race. He and his team had a chance to win the world championship because of his first position, but unfortunately he couldn’t win it at the end of that year. All in all, I would say that it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed that day.

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