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Published: 2021-07-15 18:35:05
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If back then I would have knew how poker was goanna be so big In 2004 period called the "poker boom". Time when poker arrived on the TV channel of ESP. and online poker were starting to be introduce to the public, I would have started to learn the game way earlier than I did. Poker is a game where it can only 5 minutes to learn , but a lifetime to master. I was always playing with friends, we were all putting 5 dollars, and the winner took all the money.
But back then we all knew the rules and thought we were good at It, But hat's how the human ego perceive the game , we all think we're good at It but In fact we don't have a clue of what we are actually doing, and that was the case for me. When I turn 18 in 2008 , I started to go play at my local casino with a lot of confidence that I was good and very fast found myself losing most of the money that I had , that wasn't fun at all, I didn't want to tell my parents scared that they thought I was getting addicted to gambling. But I loved the game , knew that they were a way to get better but I could not figured out how.
I then heard of online poker website were I could play for small amount of money doing tournament and cash game. ' Decided that I was goanna start doing that in order to gain experience. What I found that was very dangerous with online poker was how difficult it is to quit playing , and how addictive it can get, I was of course losing a bit of money on the long term due to my lack of experience , I then understood that I needed to really learn the game , so I started looking online to find Information about Poker by watching video and reading on forums.

Bankroll Management is a believe what made me understood how poker works when you want to make an income playing it. It mean that I needed to manage my poker money in a way that I was risking a little of two percent of my bankroll to play in a game and by taking good decision over and over I will find myself winning on the long term. And what was so great about playing online is that I was able to play on multi tables at the same time so I was seeing way more hand that I would have had playing live at a casino.
And of course after playing most of my day I found myself eating better each day has I was playing , and were able to build a bankroll that would give me enough confidence to know I could do that instead of doing any other part time Job. But what's funny is that I spent more time playing poker than people working from nine to five. I Delves Tanat poker Is a nary way to make an easy living , It asks me Tort a lot AT practice and patience to become a winning poker player.
I always learn from my mistake and try to review each hand I play either good or bad one, I try to never let ad play or bad luck interfere in my mind and always looking forward. ' know that some night I can lose and it is important to know when to quit if it is not my night, I know I can always come back the next day without being frustrated from the past game, I must never let my ego take over by trying to force the luck to come Just to be a winner that night, that's a bad habit some player does and that is how most of them find themselves going broke. That is why discipline is one of the key to success in this game and in any other field.

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