Persuasion on Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Published: 2021-07-17 09:40:06
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Category: Addiction, Welfare, Drug Testing

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I believe through use of mandatory random drug testing, progress monitoring, on- going physical and mental examinations, we can discourage the continued misuse of these funds. If mandatory drug testing were implemented, fewer checks would be used to purchase illegal drugs, and be used for necessary Items Instead. When a person Is addicted to drugs, it consumes the Individual's life. The person becomes obsessed with the drug they are addicted to; it becomes more important to them, than, food, family and even their own well-being. This behavior puts them and everyone under their care at risk.
If a welfare recipient has children and they use the money meant to feed their children for drugs; not only has our government paid for someone's high, but the child will now go without food. On the flipped, if mandatory random drug testing was part of the process, we would be able to identify abusers and have their children placed where they can be cared for more effectively. This may help the next generation not to follow In their parent's footsteps. In Identifying this type of behavior, we may be able to save not only the children, but the abusers as well.
Another method that can be used to deter abusers of these federal programs is progress monitoring. Progress monitoring is another way to crack down on people abusing the system. Progress monitoring refers to requiring the recipients to report and document their effort of searching for employment. A minimum number of applications to employers would be required each month. After obtaining a Job, follow up would be made to see that the Job is kept. I would go so far as to state, if they are unable or unwilling to find a Job, our overspent should give them a Job.

A Job similar to placing up trash on the side of the road, or cleaning our parks; they would be earning their way and not just receiving unearned money. Many people that are receiving benefits are doing so due too physical or mental ailment. Implementing a program with ongoing physical and mental examinations may help to alleviate some of the misuse In this area. Many of these benefits are given with initial physical or mental examinations, and never followed up on to see if there is improvement.
Our government could provide education to some of these recipients as well. Just because you cannot stand on your feet for long periods of time, does not mean you are useless In the working world. There are many ways to earn money, which would be a benefit to society, as well as the individual. What this boils down to is our tax money, earned from our hard 1 OFF We are out working earning our way in life and theirs too. We are being taken advantage of. If you think we don't need to check up on these people, then you are wrong, plain and simple.

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