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Published: 2021-07-24 07:40:05
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1 Findings FINDINGS 1. English is the most preferred language for reading; Mother tongue claimed the 2nd spot with 48% preferring to read in their mother tongue against 46% preferring Hindi. 2. Preferences of activities (PUMBA Vs Non-PUMBA) [where candidates were asked to rank their preferences on a 1-5 ranking scale] shows that: a. PUMBA candidates rank better on Reading and TV watching over other than PUMBA institutes. b. Other than PUMBA institutes rank higher on Music listening and chatting over the internet. . A large chunk of the sample population rate Chatting as the most preferred activity. d. The least preferred activity of the sample is Shopping. 3. Candidates aged: a. 20-23 are most interested in Entertainment b. 24-27 are most interested in Technology c. 28 + are most interested in Business 4. Areas of Interest (Work experience-wise): a. 80% of Freshers’ areas of interest lie in Entertainment b. 72% of Work experienced candidates’ area of interest lies in Business and Technology both. 5. Intention to read: a.
The general trend that is seen is that the candidate either male or female read to learn, to be informed and for academics. b. The data shows that for 15% of females read out of habit as against 5% male candidates. c. 40% males read for news, contrary to female populations’ 5%. Reading Trends Among Students Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune PUMBA 2 Findings 6. The Internet followed by friends/colleagues and Newspapers/magazines form the major sources of information about Reading material. 7. Sources of Reading Material a. 3% of the respondents from Institutes other than PUMBA source their reading material from Websites. b. A majority of candidates from PUMBA i. e. 85% of the candidates consider the Library as their main source of reading material. 8. The most popular strategy adopted to overcome difficult reading material is to ask others for help. 9. The two major hurdles in reading are Time and Surroundings. 10. A whopping 91% of the sample population admit ‘Strain on the eyes’ as the biggest reason for not preferring E-Reading. 11.
Accessibility and Economy are the biggest pros for E-Reading. 12. There are NO differences Graduation stream-wise in the time spent on reading but there are differences Age-wise in the time spent on reading. 13. There are NO differences gender-wise for the reading intention to learn. 14. There are differences gender-wise for the intention of reading to stimulate imagination. 15. There are NO Gender-wise differences in the total time spent on reading. Reading Trends Among Students Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune PUMBA

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