Regret: Best Friend

Published: 2021-07-19 00:10:06
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We did everything together, and I thought nothing could tear our friendship apart, but I was wrong. As the years past by, Rachel started making more friends and I felt that was being left out a lot and less popular. Our friendship was still there, but until one day, when a little misunderstanding due to Jealousy caused us to drift apart. That misunderstanding was the biggest regret of my teenage years. "Hey Rachel I heard your birthday is coming up and you are going have a party. Am I invited? " Nicole asked her. "Am I invited too? A group of girls, her new friends crowded around her table, filled with curiosity whether they were invited. Rachel then whipped out a stack of invitation cards out from her bag and said, "l got my invitation cards here. You guys will find out whether you got invited later. So, shoo! I'm trying to study here. " The crowd then dispersed, going back to their seats. I wondered if I was being Invited too. Yet I naturally assumed that I was as If I was her best friend. In between classes, I saw Rachel Glenn out Invitations. Those who got Invited all squealed In delight upon receiving It.
I sat on the edge of my seat, expecting to receive my invitation. But by the end of the day, I left school empty handed. I could not believe I did not receive any invitation from Rachel It's just not fair. Fury and jealousy overwhelmed me. My blood started to boil. Did Rachel really treat me as her best friend? All she cares is popularity. Out of hatred, I tested everybody her biggest secret. The secret that she trusted me wholeheartedly with. Tested and revealed that her parents were divorced. All of the sudden, I heard a familiar voice calling out for me, "Shania! Here's your invitation! " I stopped momentarily. My blood went cold.
Invitation? She Invited me to her arty? "Here," she shoved the pink envelope Into my hand, "I'm sure you are coming. " I nodded my head shakily. Oh no. I shouldn't have done that! Why did I do it? Worry and anxiety overwhelmed me. There was nothing I could do to take back my actions. Just then Nicole walked out of the school gates and gasped out loud while looking at her phone. She then saw Rachel and approached her, saying, "l am so sorry that your parents are divorced. " Nicole gave her a quick hug and left. Rachel stood still. Her eyes widened with shock. Why did Nicole say that? The moment Rachel regained her senses, she glared at me.

MUD. You are the one behind this. You are the only one who knows my greatest secret. I trusted you, because you are my best friend. I can't believe you told Nicole? You know I hate It when people know about my personal affairs! " "I'm sorry... I TLD mean to tell everyone your secret! " I apologized to her. "Everyone? You told everyone? " Muttering to herself, "l can't believe I was dumb enough to tell you my secret. " She onwards, I made a resolution never to Jump to conclusions so hastily ever again. Friendships took years to build and could be destroyed so rapidly. Regret cursed through me.

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