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Published: 2021-07-31 23:55:04
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In the beginning, the setting took place on a never ending road where Gilbert and Arine were sitting; waiting to see the campers come in. This seemed to be something they did often together. The lived in a town where nothing ever much happens. Gilbert worked at a local grocery store where he describes it as being “empty”. At home gilbert takes care of his youngest brother Arine. Arine has a disability problem and wasn’t expecting to live as long as he did. At any time his life was over.
Gilbert has two sisters, a 15 year old name Ellen, and another sister who use to work at the school kitchen until it was burned down her name was Amy. He’s mother was a large women who haven’t left the house in almost 7 years but that was soon to change after an accident occurred with Arine. Gilberts farther died so most of the responsibilities were left with him. When Gilbert goes to work Arine sits there and waits for him. Just before Gilbert shift was over a women called by the name of Betty Carver calls for a delivery. Betty quickly alarmed the kids to go outside to play.
Gilbert took the groceries to the kitchen where Betty starts to kiss him, showing that this was something that usually happens while he makes deliveries. The kissing stops when Gilbert sees Mrs. Carver husband outside on the trampoline with his kids. While walking out Mr. Carver sees ice cream that was fed to him by Mrs. Carver on his face and immediately tell Gilbert that he wants to see him in his office. When he got to his car he noticed Arine was missing. He sees Arine climbing the town’s water tower and sings to him to get him down.

By the way the police were talking to gilbert Arine had done this before multiple times. On their way back to the car they notices the girl from one of the campers that where driving in. Later in the movie the family is planning an 18th birthday party for Arine. One day while they were visiting a cafe they saw the girl from the campers again. They got really close and Gilbert and Becky began to see each other more. One day when Becky and Gilbert were hanging out Gilbert had to go home and give Arine a bath, when he got there he told Arine that he was old enough to wash up by himself.
So he left. When he got back home he noticed that Arine was still in the tub shaking back in forth from being in the tub all night. After then Arine never wanted to take a bath again. One night Gilbert tried to tell Arine that it was time for him to take a bath so they were in the bathroom and Arine wouldn’t get in so they started fighting and Gilbert hit Arine and Arine ran away to Becky’s house. When he arrived home the next morning it was his 18th Birthday party.
Gilbert came home later that day to find out that Arine party had started when he got there he apologized to Arine for hitting him. Gilbert introduced Becky to his mother even though she hated people to see her because of her wait. After the party was over Gilbert, Amy, and Ellen began to clean up while Bonnie sat on the couch and watching television but not for long after sitting on the couch for 7 years without never getting up she finally got up and made an effort to go upstairs to her room that she haven’t been in since the death of her Husband.
While she was upstairs she asked Ellen to get her some water while to talked to Gilbert she told him that he was her “Night and Shimmering Armor” after they were finished talking she asked to talk to Arine as she referred to as the Birthday Boy. When Arine got upstairs he started to call for his mother but she wouldn’t respond he thought she was playing a game and he got irraitted but his mother was dead. When Gilbert and his sisters were upstairs they cried. Later they burned the house down because they knew no one would be able to remove their mother from the house.

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