Seal Team Six Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper

Published: 2021-07-16 00:00:07
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The hiss Is that not everybody Is born to be a seal and If you are treated Like the author you will not have any better chances. The author Is very descriptive In the way he presents stones. One of his stories Involves him on a Nilsson to shoot a target from 500 yards away. The Reader feels Like they are standing over him as he talks about what Is going on around him. Even the way he describes what Is happening to the gun in the story is amazing. The author also is great at narrating, he adds in essential details to make all of the stories sound real and if an average reader wouldn't understand something it is explained short and sweetly.
At the end of all of the stories the author makes a point to say that the missions and becoming a Navy Seal is hard and not recommended. In my mind the book was very interesting. Some parts most readers could have dealt with less detail such as his abusive childhood. The book was extremely accurate coming from a Navy Seals point of view. All of the missions most readers have heard about have more details that the news couldn't tell you. To me the book was very important, I like to know what how someone could o through something like becoming a Navy Seal and how they survive.
Every detail was important to the story because if the author didn't say what was said then the book could have been completely different. The author's arguments are very well said and I believe to be true. The reason is reading about everything he has gone though could not be repeated and ever come with the same result. He states very clearly in chapters about his childhood that beating your child will not make them a Navy Seal, So Don't Do It. Also it takes more mental strength to become a Navy Seal than hysterical strength.

He says that in BUD's training he had seen the most physically strong bodies and the men who had them didn't last a week. This Is because of all the mind games that go on inside their heads. Mental strength Is what makes a Seal. This book was very eye opening to what Is going on In the world around me. Some of the Issues are very interesting and I now know things I wouldn't have without reading this book. The author talks about many missions but the one I remember hearing about on the news was when the Somali pirates took over a ship and snipers shot all here of them.
I had no Idea what went on behind the scenes of the mission. Like I TLD know that at night seals went Into the water or that the reason the boat was towed was because we offered to get the Somali pirates out of choppy water. I enjoyed learning about the different missions and how they were carried out. My opinion of the book is that it was well organized and I couldn't put the stories any toner way. I en cover AT ten KICK Is very appealing, It NAS an American Hag Ana Is very colorful. The layout of the book is superb. All of the stories are in the correct lace to make you want to keep reading.
The only thing I would change is in the beginning of the book there are a lot of intro pages and at the end of the book there is an unnecessary glossary. Considering everything, I enjoyed the book. I thought it was very interesting and fun to read. Some parts could have had less information (his childhood). Books like Seal Team Six are my favorite type of book. I enjoy the action and how the author makes you feel as if you are looking over his shoulder and can see and feel everything he does. I would suggest others read this book.

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