Serial Killer Edmund Kemper III

Published: 2021-07-19 13:40:05
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Serial Killer Edmund Kemp Ill For this project I have chosen to go with a serial murder by the name of Edmund Emil Kemp Ill. A serial murder is a murder of separate victims with some time breaks between them (Lyman, 2011, p. 307). The main characteristics off serial murder can vary because each Individual murder had their own "calling card" so to speak. For example my serial killer became known as the Co-Deed killer because he chose to kill young college girls during his killing spree.
Also, another one of his characteristics loud be to dismember the victim's bodies and bury them In different places. Edmund E. Kemp Ill was born on December 13, 1948 In Burbank, CA. He lived a dysfunctional life due to his parents divorcing and remarrying when he was ten years old. After his parents divorced, his mother took Edmund along with his sisters where they would live by her very high standards and abusive ways. His mother criticized Edmund mentally by having him sleep in the basement because she feared he would harm his sisters.
Because of this he hated his mother and he also started to have darted toward all women. Occasionally Edmund would break off the heads and hands of his sister's dolls and play a game he called "The gas chamber" in which he would execute the victim (Fisher, 2003). Edmund began his killings with his grandmother because he felt that she treated him as his mother did. So he took a . 22 caliber rifle and shot her In the back of the head and stabbed her multiple times. Furthermore, when his grandfather came home he also shot him.

This would be Edmunds first time killing anyone. After he killed his grandparents, Edmund was intended to a juvenile maximum-security hospital where he would spend the remainder of his childhood. Edmund would be released to his mother at the age of 21 regardless of his doctor's wishes (Ramadan, 2006). Once Edmund returned home he applied for some jobs to include applying at the local police department. However, the police department rejected him because of his awkward size. He was still infatuation with becoming a police officer which landed him into their atmosphere.
He would hang out at the local bars and courthouses that were adorned by police officers. Eventually, Edmund would become their friend and to many of them he was known as "Big Deed". In his off time, he would cruise the highways picking up dozens of young female hitch-hikers so he could work on his approach to reach his goal of putting them at ease. Now that Kemp had reached his short -term goal of making killing spree went from 1972 to 1973 where he would murder six young female hitch- hikers: Mary Ann Peace, Anita Luckless, Kaki Kook, Cindy Shall, Roseland Thorpe, and Alice Line (Ramadan, 2006).
He would kill these women dismember them, have sex tit their corpses, and bury them in odd areas. One of his victim's heads would wind up in his mother's garden as a Joke. Kemp always knew how to keep from getting caught and unbeknownst to the officers he made friends with; he would soon be identified as the Co-Deed killer. When all was done Kemp took his anger back into his home toward his mother. While his mother was in bed asleep, he used a claw hammer and hit her with it, and then he would decapitated her, remove her larynx and Jammed it down the garbage disposal (Fisher, 2003).
After he finished with killing is mother he was still unsatisfied so he invited Sally Wallet (his mother's best-friend) over for a dinner in honor of his mom. Once she entered the house Edmund, clubbed her over the head, strangled her, and decapitated her as well. When he was done with killing his mom and her friend Edmund Kemp decided to call the police department and turn himself in; as this would be the last life that Edmund Kemp would be responsible for. Officers thought it was a Joke when he called in and giving the police all of the grizzly details of his actions.

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