Reflection Essay on Situational Analysis

Published: 2021-07-15 14:30:06
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He has conducted FAA required courses and conducted recurrent flight crew training for DC-10 flight crews. Framing Is a way of labeling different Individual Interpretations of a situation. When Denny heard the explosion when the second engine failed he knew there was something terribly wrong and went to the cockpit to offer any help he could to the crew. Without him the crew would not have been able to land the plane since they needed someone with flight experience to manually steer the plan. He used active listening skills paying close attention to the captain and co-pilot's body language to tell him how serious the emergency was.
Body language, including facial expressions, hand gestures and degree of eye contact, can provide clues about the other person's thoughts and feelings. He found the pilot and co-pilot's knuckles white with tendons bursting from their hands as they tried to steer the plane. Denny did a great Job of effectively analyzing the situation and Jumped In to help. Although 112 people lost their lives that day 184 were saved to pass on their knowledge and expertise to others. Captain Hayes attributes five factors to the success of landing the airplane in Sioux City Iowa hey are luck, communications, preparations, execution and cooperation.
Communication within the cockpit intensified as soon as they realized that they were in very serious trouble (Haynes, 1997). Haynes ordered Dudley to get in touch with the San Francisco Rear Maintenance (SAM) to see if they could help the crew regain control of the plane. Through this communication the Chicago flight center was able to prepare an airplane with medical supplies and people available to help the staff of the Sioux City local hospital some of whom were at Haynes hospital room before he ad even arrived.

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