Stream of consciousness for Frankenstein’s monster

Published: 2021-07-19 19:30:06
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One heart, was adequately strong to withstand the pain, the pressure, the grief. Inside hatred, vengeance, and long nights with only me, a candle and a bottle of wine. Alone again, you and l. Edited the way you enshrouded my companion, under your white sheets, as if she never lived. She was alive- until that cruel and ruthless Elizabeth destroyed her, without humanity. So I wasn't able to take this, It was too much! I roared, I raged, with all my might Then I got my renewable Revenge! Revenge! Renewable Hal Hal Hal Selfish!
Selflessness's You didn't think about me, did you? You left me, without asking what I thought about it. You didn't ask me if I would be alright without you. You won't understand, how I felt. Would you? The years I bore the anguish, the years I 'eve suffered pain, I was helpless, hopeless, I felt the shame. All I wanted was a companion, love and comfort, that's all. Then, I would have left you alone -Oh years ago, of course, I would have went to the wilderness, and many other places, to explore the world. And I am not alright. I'm hurt. I am wounded, the people see me and they run away reified.
In horror, in disgust. When I try to talk to them, they betray me. My heart cries out In sorrow and agonizing pain. How easy It would be to let me take It. To close my eyes, to give up. It Is enough! I have had ENOUGH I'm sorry, I 'II have to die, Fraternities. Alone again, you and l. 'hated the way you enshrouded my companion, under your it was too much! Then I got my rearrange! Revenge! Revenge!

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