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Published: 2021-07-28 04:50:06
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The following project proposal defines why Struck made the decision to expand, what the role is of the consultant and Struck management on the project, the project goals, and the tools that will be used o manage the project. Problem and Opportunity By applying analysis techniques, namely SOOT, and STEEPLE, to company performance Struck gains clarity about the company's strengths and weaknesses.
Struck' strengths include its reputation for innovation and creativity, frontrunner's position of its industry with 9,000 cafes in 40 countries around the world, and its strong ethical values and mission. Company's primary weakness is a lack of diversification, which created by its limited portfolio and distribution. Struck portfolio depends heavily on one primary' product: coffee. Furthermore, the company hinders distribution potential by conducting 75% of its business within the United States. The company's weakness presents an excellent purport nits: expansion. Expansion of the company's portfolio and expansion into other countries enables the company to both increase presence within its current industry sect and establish presence in other sects .
Roles of the Cons Titan and Management

There are certain roles the insulate and the Struck management team must perform to make the project successful. Because there is a lack of diversification, the consultant must focus on how to expand the product line for Struck. The consultant must determine how to create a greater global presence, keep the current clientele, and yet attract coffee drinkers around the globe to visit the Struck establishment. The consultant will need to determine whether the same menu items are equally popular in all areas of the country and if introducing new menu items is advantageous to all the restaurants. Finally, he consultant will need to determine if the diversified menu will be appropriate in other parts of the world. Consultant's partner with management to get the job done.
Management works with the consultants to provide them with as much information as possible. Management will need to communicate fully with the consultants and encourage the current employees to cooperate so the consultants can collect the most information possible. Defining the Project Goals Introduction of new products and rapid expansion of retail stores with new store concepts with all new distribution channels has to be he primary focus of Struck. To expand the market share, in United States as well as all the regions of its operations, Struck will expand its portfolio of products (Hickman & Hickman, 2008).
Struck main product is coffee, the company will focus to expand its operations into other beverages such as tea, grocery stores, rest stops, etc. For this purpose, than introducing a newly start marketing the products, it should concentrate to attain product acquisitions (Hickman & Hickman, 2008). Since most of its operations are based out of United States, Struck will focus to increase its revenues by tarring more stores in emerging markets such as China, India, and Turkey. Tools, Processes, and Methodologies The goal is to expand globally.
With this in mind, the consultant will use the association method to gain insight on the competition in the industry in the different desired locations. To ensure clients are frequently informed of the progression, and an outlet stays open for the need for further information, the consultant will maintain contact with the appropriate business managers. All activities will be logged to maintain a good record of the projects progression. This allows the consultant to reflect on the project, learn from the experience, and identify ways to improve future performance (Hickman, P; Hickman, L. 008). Another technique that will be used to manage the project is benchmarking. This method will be particularly helpful as this is a large project. Conclusion In conclusion, with the Struck expanding globally, the company will not only increase their current state of diversification, but also increase opportunity to own a presence in other business sectors, and ultimately increase revenue. The consultant on this project will work closely with key business leaders and SE the defined methods to manage the project.

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