The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

Published: 2021-07-21 11:20:07
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The Birth of Venus, Sandra Poetical Before writing this review of a painting, I asked myself several times of what should I choose, what is my favorite or the most peculiar masterpiece for me? After a short dilemma I figured out that I am fond of Italian Renaissance, especially Early Renaissance. Most of all I enjoy and admire the Florentine School, brightly represented in the paintings of Sandra Poetical. The painting of his that attracts me most is The Birth of Venus. The work on it was accomplished in nearly 1486 and the painting itself is now kept in Fizz, Florence.
It is the most famous and recognized reproduction of the myth about the birth of Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus is an Italian Renaissance ideal: blonde, pale-skinned, voluptuous. Poetical has picked out highlights in her hair with gold leaf and has emphasized the femininity of her body (long neck, curliness). The brilliant light and soothing colors, the luxurious garden, the gorgeous draperies of the nymph, and the roses floating around the beautiful nude all suggest that the painting is meant to bring pleasure to the viewer. The naked goddess swims to the coast in the opened pearl shell.
Venus is escorted by Zephyr, god of western wind, and Flora, his wife. By this Poetical shows the beauty that Venus brings in our world: freshness from the offshore breeze and dour from the flowers. On the shore she is welcomed by one of the Graces. Therefore, Venue's advent to this world is accompanied by celestial beauty and charm. The background also deserves a special attention. The color of Venue's body is purely divine; the chord is used excellently to show the darkness of the horizon ND to express the feeling of anxiety, fading away, and even mystery.

Contrariwise, the front side is saturated with bright colors meaning the commencement of something unknown and heavenly. To sum up, rather than choosing one of the many interpretations offered for Botulism's depiction of The Birth of Venus it might be better to view it from a variety of perspectives (mythological, political, religious). Nevertheless, you should definitely get acquainted with this eternal masterpiece for it will always symbolize beauty, magnificence, grace, and divinity.
One of the most moon phrases concerning music used by musicians and non-musicians alike is "Music is the universal language. " But what does that really mean to people? Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and bond people even thousands of miles apart. Even if you don't recall a single melody or flow of notes, still your subconscious has been catching all the music played in the background. Slowly easing and swaying to the rhythm, you enjoy the atmosphere that is created around. To begin with, music is called the universal language of the world because of many reasons.
First and the foremost, music is made up of 7 main notes. No matter what part of the world you are and what instrument you play, all the music created is one of the 7 notes. There may be different names for all 7 notes in different parts of the world, but for the performer, they are still the same. Therefore, music is a versatile kind of art that finds approach to every humans taste. Furthermore, being a form of art music can reach the deepest parts of your heart and soul. You don't have to be a patient or a psychologist to understand music.
As long as any melody and rhythm aka you feel yourself, it is the best doctor a person can find, and best remedy anyone can recommend. You can recollect your bygones or precious moments of your life. You can think of future, prospects, plans, and ideas. You can relax and take delight in listening to the beat or piano play. Consequently, music can be a reflection of your mood, style, and even life. Finally, like any other language music can express any and every type of emotion. But where it scores more is where the words fell short of expressing, while music can go on and on visualizing all that you ever want to say.
Sometimes music is the way you can show love, hatred, anger, fury, calmness etc. It takes only a couple of lines to say what you mean in a very exquisite way. Thus, music is a useful tool to reveal your attitude to things and, what is more, to people. To conclude, no matter how much evolved a form of music is or how sophisticated its approach, music touches everyone's soul. If you do not connect to any music, you probably are losing a part of yourself. Let's celebrate this form of art with a quote by William Shakespeare, "If music be the food of life, play on".

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