The City of Ember

Published: 2021-08-10 06:00:05
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The City of Ember is a post apocalyptic fantasy about Ember. I was written by Jeanne DuPrau and published in 2003. Ember is a city which was built by people, in the book know as "The Builders", they built this city underground to house its citizens for 200 years. They say that the earth is uninhabitable for those years but never specify why. During these years a box with instructions is passed from mayor to mayor but a plague is spreading and the seventh mayor thinks the box may contain a cure so he tries opening it but dies before it is opened.
The box was never returned and it is currently missing. It is now year 241 and the towns recourses are dwindling down. The power source is also not doing well because of the generators age it is not producing enough power. Lina and Doon are two graduates of their school and are both assigned jobs they don't like so they decide to switch. When She finds the box and it has the letter in which the escape route is stated. She does not know and before she can find out her sister chews it until their are hole in it. Lina and Doon eventually make a run for it after unraveling the letters meaning.
They are amazed to find a whole new world outside of the small world they lived in. When they eventually reach safety in their newly discovered world they throw the directions down to the city they lived in. The book leaves off with Mrs. Murdo, Lina's guardian finding it and it is a mystery from then on. Overall I enjoyed the book because it was suspense filled and all the action that went on made it fun to read. The ending even had suspense and i would definitely recommend this book to others as a fun read but I stress it is not a challenging one.

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