The Effects of Power and Fear on a Government

Published: 2021-07-19 02:15:08
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The Effects of Power and Fear on a Government Fear is one of the few emotions everybody feels at some point in their lives. From their environment to the leaders that were in charge there were many things for the boys to be fearful of. Lord of the Flies, by William Gilding is about a group of boys stranded on an Island during World War II. They have to deal with power struggles and situations they would have never thought of. In Lord of the Flies, the destructive power struggle between the primary characters mirrors the power struggle between
Hitler and the Jews during World War II, and the current dictator Basher al- Sad and his citizens in Syria. Lord of the Flies represents a political allegory because some of the characters represent an abstract idea of government. Many people who have great leadership attributes but have a hard time with their appearance struggle, " Piggy is Ralph advisor, someone who is unable to rule because of his own social and physical shortcomings" (Winnfield). Nowadays appearance has become a huge part of the society at hand. Appearance helps a society decide what it wants to be like as well as ho to follow.
Struggling with appearance Is not the only Issue, It Is also struggling with standing up for yourself. Which In the book It Is shown that Piggy struggles with this. " "Then went on piggy, that boy- I forgot "your talking too much" said Jack Merrier. "Shut up, Fatty. " Laughter arose and Piggy was silent" (Gilding 21). In a society there are many people just like Piggy. There are so many great leadership characteristics in people. The problem is if that Pearson can not stand up for themselves or any of their beliefs none of the great characteristics matter.

This shows owe Lord of the Flies represents a political allegory because It shows how some of the characters Like Piggy represent an abstract Idea of government In the book. In addition to the characters representing government they also act similarly to past and current political figures in the world. Most people at some point In time have a chance at power, if they choose to take it they will most likely lose It eventually as well "Even Jacks power Is Illusory or at least temporary, vanishing the moment an adult authority arrives on the island" (Olsen). In this it is seen that the power Jack had elates to many figures in the world.
The power Jack had though is instantly taken away when someone else with higher authority arrives. This happens all the time in the real world as well. In the book it adds on to the same situation even more so " Whoso boss here asked the officer? I am said Ralph loudly. A little boy with the pair of spectacles started forward then changed his mind and stood still" (Gilding 148). It is clearly shown that Jack loses the power he had quite quickly. This has happened to those in the real world, who thought they would never be run out of rower, such as Doll Hitler.
As seen the characters in Lord of the Flies act similarly to past and current political figures in our world. In Lord of the Flies there is a very similar situation when Jack is put in control of the island and the rest of the boys, Just like when Doll Hitler was put in charge of Germany and it's people. At some point in everybody's lives they will most likely want to be in charge of something or be a leader of some sort, " Seen in this light, Hitler thought the only way to prevent Germany from losing again was to eliminate the impure groups from society.
He also knew the only way he could accomplish this is if he rose to power" ("Doll" 1). In Lord of the Flies Jack thinks a lot like Hitler. When most people hear the name "Hitler" the first thing that comes to most minds is a dictator in Germany who killed Jews. This is true, but the reason behind that was Just because he wanted power. Hitless strong desire for power is a lot like Jacks. They both Just wanted to rule something which in their case it was people. Arrogance is a big reason for people wanting power " I ought to be chief said Jack with simple arrogance, because IM chapter chorister and head boy.
I can also sing C Sharp said lace (Gilding 228). Jack obviously thought he was better than everybody else and was very arrogant. It was one thing that some of the boys didn't like about him. Hitler was the same way, he normally thought no one was better than him and if he did he got rid of them quite quickly. Arrogance only got Jack and Hitler so far. Clearly shown the similar situation of Jack and Hitler being put in control shows the similarities of their leadership. Doll Hitler was a dictator during World War II, the character Jack acts much like
Hitler in the book by emphasizing the strong desire of power and intolerance towards others. In life some people think the only way to fix certain problems is to completely get rid of them "Hitler implemented government policies based on anti-Semitism and racism. These policies became more severe over time and led to the extermination of the Jews, racial minorities and other groups" ("Doll"l). In Lord of the Flies it is seen that Jack does this quite often. He doesn't really give any thought to what he is doing unless he really wants it done.
For instance when Jack took Piggy as a really different errors and not in a good way. Eventually Jack got his way and Piggy died. Hitler does this with the Jews. He wanted the people who he thought were perfect and those people were not the Jews. So because he thought the Jews were the problem he started to kill them off. In the book we not only see Jack treating Apply harshly but he also treats some of the other boys the same way "I'm chief yelled Jack. Viciously, with full intention, he hurled his spear at Ralph. The point tore the skin and flesh over that Jack is willing to hurt people in order to get what he wants.
This is such a moment where Jack showed the power he thought he had to the boys. It also gave the boys a reason to fear him. Jack was using this fear to control the boys much like Hitler. Fear can cause people to do unbelievable things including follow and listen to unwise rulers or leaders. This adds to the desperate wanting of power and intolerance towards others. Another Situation very similar to the one the boys are put into due to Jack is more current, the power struggle between Basher al-Sad and the harsh way he treats his citizens in Syria.
Most dictators are harsh, cruel and will try and do anything to keep heir place secure muff need to show that you are strong, that you are a leader. You need to crush in the first moment any signs of opposition, resentment, or independence. As well as causing the people to fear you said Sad" ("Basher" 2). Basher al-Sad uses the harsh way he treats his citizens to produce fear so that no one will overtake his place as being leader in Syria. In the book when some of the boys start to show opposition Jack did exactly what Sad mentioned, he crushed it the moment it started.
Which caused fear amongst the boys. Dictators find terrible hinges to do for no reason but to cause fear amongst their people " " Hess going to beat Wilfred! " "What for? "said Ralph but Robert shook his head doubtfully. "l don know he never said why' The chief was sitting in the cave, naked to the waist, his face blocked out in white and red. The newly beaten and untied Wilfred was sniffing noisily in the background" (Gilding 160). In this it is clear that Jack Just beat Wilfred because he had been angry. This act caused fear amongst the group of boys. The fear caused kept the boys loyal to their chief.
Jack would have had no way to control al the boys if he never used fear. This doesn't mean its right by any means. Basher al-Sad and Jack both use fear in a harsh way to control their people and ideas of government. Basher al-Sad current dictator in Syria is very similar to the character Jack in Lord of the Flies such as some of their motives. In Syria there are many rules "Freedom of speech was only marginally restored but for the most part Sad kept it the same" ("Basher" 2). In Lord of the Flies Jack and Basher kind of relate to each other because the both did not allow freedom.
The fact that Basher and Jack wouldn't allow freedom of speech was most likely because they wanted to prevent any uproars or anything that could harm their spot in leadership. " "Then went on piggy, that boy- I forgot -" "your talking too much" said Jack Merrier. "Shut up, Fatty. " Laughter arose and Piggy was silent" (Gilding 21). Here we not only see Jack being cruel towards Piggy but we also see him limiting Piggy speech. This action is harsh and even though Piggy had freedom of speech it was almost as if Jack stole that from him. Most likely Piggy is not the only person Jack treated like that.
This is how we can see some f Basher al-Sad and Jacks motives line up. In Lord of the Flies we see that fear plays a enormous role in the book. It plays off between the see between Jack and Ralph. Fear is a strong emotion and can cause many situations. We see this not only in the book Lord of the Flies but also in our everyday lives and other political power struggles in our World. Such as the fight for power in World War II with Doll Hitler and the Jews. It is even seen currently in Syria with Basher al- Sad and his citizens. Jack, Hitler, and Sad all have one main thing in common they all ruled with fear.

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