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Published: 2021-07-13 05:00:06
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“The Hurt Locker” , written by Mark Boal and directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Nominated and won for Best Picture, this award winning movie captured the attending of many film makers and audiences for boldly demoing the rough world of war and how a soldier trades with the horrors of war. “War is a drug” , a quotation mark that this film successfully reflects in its narrative and subject. The soldier associates war as some sort of drug that one must take to for maintain traveling in life. This movie emphasizes this through James, chief supporter of the narrative, who is a changeless danger to himself and to others around him. The movie is about an American ground forces bomb disposal unit in wartime Iraq tasked with determination and demilitarizing bombs in order to protect the local public. The Hurt Locker besides focuses on their battles and triumphs in Iraq and portrays the life of the armed forces. Not merely does the Hurt Locker have a good narrative, but this movie besides implements many movie techniques such as elements of mise en scene, superb filming, and redacting. I will speak about how “The Hurt Locker” deserves to be an Academy Award victor citing these elements of movie.
The ground why this movie is considered to be a great movie is because of its accent on movie technique. One of the elements portrayed in this movie would be the incorporation of Mise en Scene. There are many illustrations of Mise- En -Scene used to make a sense of pragmatism in the movie. One I would depict the ocular manner would be farinaceous. Everything from the scene to the costumes were reliable plenty that it added to the pragmatism of movie. In the beginning of the movie, I would depict the histrions as your typical jarhead in war movies. As the movie progressed nevertheless, they became instead complex. Each character has their ain sense of values, some want to remain in Iraq and battle because they believe it 's the right thing to make while others, like James, the chief supporter, loves being a soldier and wants to remain in the pandemonium everlastingly. The location of the filmed in Jordan, which is located a few chinks off from the Iraqi boundary line. This helped created the pragmatism and atmosphere it needed for movie to be reliable as possible, which audiences love in war movies. The scene that implements elements of Mise-en-scene would be the opening sequence of the movie. The movie opens with the citation “The haste of conflict is a potent and deadly dependence, for war is a drug” . The sequence is portrayed as a docudrama movie, holding the camera act as if it were describing a narrative on the soldiers instead than traditionally movie a scene. The camera motions were unsmooth and visuals were farinaceous. The lighting in this sequence was realistic, utilizing frontal lighting to an country to make a natural environment and the colour of the scene was impersonal, which gave the feeling that they were shooting in a existent state of affairs. Bing able to utilize mise en scene to convey a film’s message, subject, and symbols is such an enchanting experience, particularly with the Hurt Locker. Achieving pragmatism, you are able to steer an audience towards cardinal narrative elements, and therefore holding a viewer’s such as me to the full engaged. We want to cognize what it will be like to be a soldier like James and this movie was able to take us into the action. This movie was able to make the feeling of wonder and suspense which adds to the many grounds why this movie is great.
Filming are one of the many movie elements that contribute to this film’s success. To hold a scene to be more cliff-hanging, the manager incorporated different types of camera angles. The scenes that focuses a character on a personal degree, the framing would be tight and concise. The most occurring thing in the movie are bombs, this represents how the bad the universe is. The soldiers themselves can be described as the 1s who are morally good and are praised for it because they are considered the chief focal point of the movie. I noticed that green and orange was the reoccurring colour subject of the full movie. These colourss represents the correlativity between peace and pandemonium in the movie. Green represents the goodness that the soldiers are conveying into the war. Orange is suppose to stand for the pandemonium and force that war brings to an country. The camera was invariably near to the action, giving more suspense to it. The distance of the camera in the establishing shooting is a bit stray as it tries to demo every portion of a given location, which makes every scene dramatic and shoves off ocular beauty for harsh, honorable pragmatism. The movie was shot on-location, so existent sunshine and fluorescents were used as the film’s beginning of visible radiation. The best illustration of light contrast would be the scene where there was a monolithic detonation. The fire was able to supply the light beginning and it absolutely contrast with the pitch black dark.

The supermarket scene would be the 1 that would be the most critical portion of full movie. This scene’s filming was absolutely coordinated to convey the hollowness of the James as a individual. It portrayed the contrast of the movie by demoing James 's interior struggle between his civilian life and his life in the military. James has become person who instead put on the line his life in the battleground than populating a normal life. The scene would be the focal point of contrast between the two universes. In Iraq, danger is everyplace, poorness is prevailing, every measure you take could be your last. Then the scene’s scene alterations and see James walking around a supermarket. The topographic point is filled with nutrient and fundamentally the antonym of what it’s like in Iraq. This contrast portrays these universes as wholly different things. Another things to portray a contrast between the two universes would be the usage of colour. In the parts where it shows James in Iraq, the colour of sand is used to represents the grittiness of his life in the military. Everything from the edifices to the uniforms, they all portion the same colour. On the other manus, the supermarket’s usage of colourss is your typical colour strategy of an mean shop in America. The colour differentiation was done deliberately for to correlate the flaxen colour pallet of Iraq to dirtiness and the white colour strategy of the supermarket is associated with cleanliness. Cuting from Iraq to America emphasizes the nature seeking to get by with life with war and returning to civilian life. This was done on intent to hold the audience feel confused. One minute James is speaking about how he loves his occupation and another where James is back place, seeking brand assimilate back into the normal of a civilian.
Overall, what James had to travel through in the supermarket scene can associate to many soldiers who have been consumed by the horrors of combat. To them, seeking to set to the normal life is merely excessively difficult for them. The supermarket scene describes that experiencing absolutely. The techniques implemented were able to acquire into the emotional province of a war torn soldier who’s urgently seeking to populate a normal life. The feeling of being changed after emotionally intense events and experiencing disoriented were drawn with elaborate preciseness. James may be a ticking clip bomb waiting to go on, but I think many soldiers can associate to what he’s been through.
Editing can be a elusive, but powerful tool that enable film makers with a overplus of movie determinations. Surprisingly, “The Hurt Locker” had small redacting done on the movie, possibly that it wanted content, instead than organize. Alternatively of doing any “fancy” redaction to the movie, maintaining it to a minimum really preserves the pragmatism of its message. It takes advantage of some really simple techniques. In most movies, if non all of them, the length of the cuts depends on the state of affairs of the scene. The tempo of this movie was normally slow. Whenever something dramatic or emotional is go oning, the continuance of the shootings lengthen, to extended proportions. An illustration of this would be the conversation between Sanborn and James after the failed effort of demilitarizing the bomb from a suicide bomber. Sanborn snaps stating that he can no longer cover with the emphasis of being a soldier. This scene was the most critical in specifying two different characters. Lengthening the shooting helped give a sense of pragmatism to the scene. During the action scenes nevertheless, the gait of the movie quickens and the length of the shootings shorten. This creates the haste needed to maintain the audience invested into the movie.
( CONCLUSION ) The Hurt Locker is a really powerful movie that deserves all the congratulations received of being an Academy Award Winner. The message that war can be used as a drug and soldiers themselves can be addicted to it has been prevailing throughout the movie. This dependence has soldiers such as James to value war over anything else, including household. Personally thought the film’s subject was interesting because it focused on that impact a batch of people. The movie has a good sense of projecting world of what it is. It’s non the typical film where it creates an semblance of phantasy where when the movie is over, the audience returns to world.

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