To kill a mockingbird book vs. movie

Published: 2021-07-18 00:15:06
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In these two versions, there are a couple of differences. A big one that noticed is that Mrs.. Dubos Is left out of the movie. Mrs.. Dubos was an old lady addicted to morphs en and in the novel she showed moral courage. In the beginning, Gem hated Mrs.. Dubos beck cause of her views on his dad, but she ended up teaching him a lesson. Mrs.. Double's wish w as to die 'beholden to nobody' even though she knew she would have to go through suffering without the help of the drug.
Others would have chosen a untroubled death, but Mrs. Dubos was adamant to conquer her addiction and to die with the pain instead. Attic's didn't WA NT Gem to think that 'courage is a man with a gun in his hand' so, he sent him to Mrs.. Double's t o learn this. This Is very Important because It helps Gem realize what courage Is and Isn't. Also, in the novel, Gem and Scout go to Scaloppini's church while Attic's is working. This is a really significant moment in the story which they did not show in the movie.
This being a time of prejudice where whites had their own churches and the blacks had t heir own churches. So, when Gem and Scout show up with California some people aren't comfy ratable with the children because of their white skin color. But, California sticks up for the chi lilied and says that, "It's all the same god, anti it? " The children also learn that California live sees a 'double life' because they hear her speak different among white and black folks.

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