Universities should prepare students better to work

Published: 2021-07-20 00:05:05
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Newest reports are not certain if students are prepared to work. Job market isn't getting any easier for them and too many students are graduating from college unprepared. Reason for this situation is that universities aren't giving students the right guidance. Colleges should have better qualified career-center staff gulled their students and help them with future choices.
However those people should have some experience hen it comes to giving advice. Having inexperienced people in career-center is a huge problem for students who end up getting advice from not qualified people who have never done any actual hiring themselves and don't have a first-hand understanding of what employers are looking for. On the other hand In colleges students can have work placement during their studies and unalterably can provide them or support students during them.
What colleges really need is talking about careers before graduation in order to get dead for Job and be sure what they're going to do. Many people pick their major without nothing anything about it or not fully understand it and they don't have a clear view about their obligations in workplace. On the other hand students can learn those things during Internship and experience It by themselves and start to learn from simple things at the begging and then be fully Independent and skilled. Practice Is the best form of learning and gives many advantages for the future career.

Help students understand that a degree alone won't get them a Job. Too many students graduate with the belief that their degree will lead straight to a Job-setting the stage for a painful wake-up call when they realize that In most fields, a degree Is simply a Romulus qualification, not an Instant pass to easy employment. Nowadays more and more people have a degree (in our country 48,5 % odd population) , in order to get a Job graduates should have other additional abilities for example : foreign languages .
On the other hand if student is really good in that one thing he can get a bob without graduating and potential employer can contact him and offer an interesting Job offer. Sometimes abilities speak for themselves and students can receive a Job offer without any experience. Some people will claim that universities should better prepare students to work and it is not only up for students what they are going to carry out from college and how effective it will be . Students should have good take care of them and should have support how they need to ,because college Is only a beginning of entire journey for

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